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17 Shows that Aged like Fine Wine

17 Shows that Aged like Fine Wine

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17 Unpopular Opinions in the TV World

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The Fosters follows a lesbian couple in charge of a foster family.

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Russell: Is that right, are you a good girl?
Callie: Yes.
Russell: Call me daddy.
Callie: Yes, daddy.

Jesus: My moms saved me and my sister from more nights of despair and terror. They gave us the one thing that we dreamed of but didn't dare actually hope for: family. They made us feel safe, and for the first time in our young lives, loved. So loved. They made us feel like we were worth something. That we mattered. That someone in the world wanted us. And I know that there's nothing that I can ever give back to them that can equal what they have given to me, but I want my two strong, beautiful, brilliant moms to know that they don't have to hope I'll be the man they raised me to be because that's the man I want to be, and I'll always do my best to never let them down