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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Coterie

Good Trouble Review: The Coterie

On Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 2, The Coterie throws a party but it's not short of drama. Jude drops by for a visit, and he helps Callie understand Gael. Read on!
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Good Trouble Promo: #TotesAwkward

Good Trouble Promo: #TotesAwkward

On Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 2, Callie comes face to face with Gael and the other person she saw him hooking up with when The Coterie throws a party. Check it out!
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We pick up where “The Fosters” ended, 5 years in the future, with sisters Callie & Mariana graduating college and moving to downtown Los Angeles. Living with a group of friends in a community style living space, Callie and Mariana navigate the beginning of their careers—Callie clerking for a conservative judge and Mariana in the male-dominated tech space. The sisters and best friends will navigate love, sex, and the complicated relationships that come with living in a new city in your 20s.

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Jude: So these straight guys you hook up with who have boyfriends, what do you think? Are they bi or really straight?
Callie: Where is Mariana? I'm going to kill her.
Jude: Look, I shouldn't have said what I said about the straight guys I hook up with really being gay. They could have been bi, or pan, fluid, questioning, or drunk. So do you like this guy?
Callie: Yes, I like him.
Jude: But?
Callie: But I don't know how I feel about having sex with a guy who has sex with other guys. And I'm not bi-phobic, it's just ...
Jude: It's new. Bisexuality is a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around. Why do we have to put ourselves in boxes because of who we want to be with? Shouldn't it just be about the person?
Callie: Were you like born a wise old man?
Jude: Kinda. Someone had to be the mature one.

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