Jude: I'm sorry, but does it really matter what we do if we aren't together?
Noah: It does if you lie about it.

I'm not breaking the law or putting my self in danger. I'm exercising my right to peacefully resist, so please don't patronize me.


Here's the thing; Choices you make today can stay with you your whole life, and as far as Ana goes, do I wish that it had been different? Yeah, I do. She was my first love, maybe the only one I'll ever have, but it's too late. You don't want to end up carrying around all of that regret. Trust me.


Mike: So you happy for me?
Brandon: Yeah, I am.
Mike: Good because I want you to be my best man.

Callie: She can't hide that she's Latina.
Aaron: You think I'm hiding? It's not deceptive of me to not disclose my private medical records.

Callie: So, I sort of had a fight with Aaron.
Mariana: Am I supposed to care?
Callie: I'm sorry I went off on you the other night after the party. I was being judgmental...
Mariana: And self-righteous, and hypocritical, and-
Callie: I'm trying to make up!
Mariana: Okay, I forgive you.

Shawn: I hope you'll join the protest if it comes to that.
Aaron: I don't think so. I disagree with you all on that one.
Shawn: Really? You into hate speech?
Aaron: I'm into free speech. I think the best way to fight hate is to confront the hater. Debate them publicly. Expose their ignorance.

Since the election, there's been a huge rise in incidents of racist, homophobic, and xenophobic harassment across our country. We've seen graffiti with statements of "Make America white again," Jewish cemeteries vandalized, and kids chanting "Build a wall." Shiloh McMullen has referred to immigrants as third world trash, and she said that people of color have contributed nothing to society. If our university won't block this woman from spewing her hateful speech on our campus then we will.


Jesus: I wonder if Ana didn't tell us because of what I told her.
Mariana: What did you tell her?
Jesus: That Gabe still loves her.

Callie: Can I ask you why did you want me to think you killed Martha?
Kyle: I guess since I had given up on myself, I wanted you to give up on me too.

Callie: I'm sorry about what Ximena said today.
Aaron: Intolerance runs both ways. It doesn't mean I don't get it.
Callie: I know. She just sees you as a privileged white male.

Kyle, listen to me. I will not let anything happen to you.


The Fosters Quotes

Why can't they fix me?


Remember you can handle anything in the moment. It's our fear that undoes us.

Older lady