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The team suffers through some growing pains as doctors settle into new positions on Code Black Season 1 Episode 16. Did Odell Beckhams guest appearance garner a "W?" Read on!
Posted in: Code Black
The BAU investigate after police pick up a girl who flees a pedophile's home where she's been captive for years, on Criminal Minds Episode 14. Read our review for more!
Posted in: Criminal Minds
On Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13, Sam and Dean face off with a Valentine's Day kissing curse. But when Dean gets the curse, a bigger truth is revealed.
Posted in: Supernatural
Things came to a head with Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow Season 4 Episode 13, and Nyssa made a change that will forever affect her father's legacy. Read on!
Posted in: Arrow
Liza is showing her age physically, but not mentally, on Younger Season 2 Episode 6, and Diana has her hands full with a strange author. See how it pans out!
Posted in: Younger