The Fosters Season 1

"Adoption Day"

On The Fosters season 1 finale devastating news is revealed and Jude and Callie await the adoption but Jude makes another poor decision.


Everyone prepares for their second winter's ball on The Fosters.

"Don't Let Go"

Callie worries about how a meeting with her father will affect Jude while Jesus struggles without his ADHD medication on The Fosters.

"Escapes and Reversals"

Jesus gets distracted while wrestling by a hard decision he must make, meanwhile Callie wants to help Brandon, but realizes that doing so means hurting a someone else on The Fosters.

"Kids in the Hall"

Callie ends up in an awkward situation after doing a good deed for a friend on The Fosters.

"Us Against Them"

Callie makes a major life decision on this episode of The Fosters. Elswhere, Stef is called to testify in Mike's case.

The Fosters
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