Quotables from Week Ending April 2, 2015

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For the week ending April 2, 2015, we've pulled together some of our favorite quotes.

1. "Wanna help me set up our band's Twitter profile?" Nashville

"Wanna help me set up our band's Twitter profile?" Nashville
Gunnar: Wanna help me set up our band's Twitter profile? Scarlett: We already have a Twitter profile? Gunnar: Of course. We got to generate publicity. We just need a photo, that's all. Scarlett: Why? Gunnar: Well, if you don't upload a photo, then you're just an egg, and no one takes you seriously when you're just an egg.

2. "There's not car-jacking advocate." Law & Order: SVU

"There's not car-jacking advocate." Law & Order: SVU
Carisi: There's not car-jacking advocate. Rollins: When's the last time a car-jacking victim was asked "are you sure you didn't want your car to get stolen?"

3. "It's simple." Chicago PD

"It's simple." Chicago PD
Lindsay: The kid matters to Voight, so it matters to me. That's the gig. It's simple.

4. "Ten obituaries!" Modern Family

"Ten obituaries!" Modern Family
Phil: You know what a human pyramid is without hours of training? Ten obituaries!

5. "I don't even have a regular plan." Arrow

"I don't even have a regular plan." Arrow
Oliver: How's Ray? Felicity: So much better than you right now. Please tell me you have a brilliant plan. Oliver: I don't even have a regular plan.

6. "Okay, you're telling me that Ziva knew, too?" NCIS

"Okay, you're telling me that Ziva knew, too?" NCIS
McGee: Okay, you're telling me that Ziva knew, too? Vance: Agent McGee, your ego is not the subject of this briefing.

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Betty: I think a part of me has been in love with Archie for 10 years, Cheryl.
Cheryl: False. You’ve been in love with the idea of Archie. The idea of the perfect romance. That wasn’t real, that was fantasy. In this town of nightmares, you and Jughead found each other. That’s real. That’s maybe even, dare I say, endgame? Who knows?

Hiram: I want to come home.
Hermione: You don’t live here anymore. Just … stop. Veronica and I are finally free of you.
Hiram: Is that what freedom looks like? Playing hostess at a teenager’s gin joint.
[Hiram takes off his shirt]
Hiram: Let me back in. You won’t have to work another day ever again. You’ll be my wife again.
Hermione: Over my dead body.
Hiram: That can be arranged.
[Hermione slaps Hiram]
Hiram: Was that foreplay or punishment?