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31 of TV's Most Beloved Captains

31 of TV's Most Beloved Captains

Kirk, Beckett, Brass. Leaders of valor who value those they stand for make an impression and leave a legacy. Who would YOU follow? Who rallies your courage?
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Suspect: Get out of here!
Olivia: I've had a very bad day, sweetheart, and I'm not leaving without my Oreos. [searches pockets] I know I have some cash in here somewhere.
Suspect: It's on the house.
Olivia: That okay with you?
Store owner: Yes. I'm fine.
Olivia: That's a first.
Suspect: Now get out of here.
Olivia: Could I just get some aspirin?
Suspect: Okay, but then that's it. [Turns around to get aspirin. Turns back around and Olivia has pulled her gun on him]
Olivia: Drop the knife.
[Suspect runs. Olivia disarms him and knocks him over.]
Olivia: Looks like we're both having a bad day.

So you raid a sex party and find a madame who claims to be a nun.