NCIS Season 15 Episode 8 Review: Voices

NCIS Review: Are Ghosts Real?

The team was faced with the question of whether or not ghosts were real in NCIS Season 15 Episode 8, featuring a strong, character-driven A plot.
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NCIS Season 15 Episode 7 Review: Burden of Proof

NCIS Review: Switch Hitter

An old case tested the friendship between Gibbs and Fornell and provided a potentially creep-tastic new villain in NCIS Season 15 Episode 7.
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NCIS Promo: Will Gibbs Go Rogue?!

NCIS Promo: Will Gibbs Go Rogue?!

On NCIS Season 15 Episode 7, the team will learn a shocking fact about the company they work for. Will anyone quit? Watch the full teaser right here!
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Gibbs: Tobias? What the hell’s going on?
Fornell: What’s going on? You got me fired!

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