Vance: Whatever happens next, Gibbs, I can't save you.
Gibbs: I know.

I've got a better question. What are you three even doing here?

Sawyer [to McGee, Torres, and Bishop]

McGee: How did you get a clicker?
Sawyer: By following Vance's orders.

This is not our case. We can't do that. Right?

McGee [to Torres and Bishop]

Thatcher: That shouldn't take an advanced degree.
McGee: I have two of those.

Torres: Sawyer was right. We are the cool kids.
Bishop: Were the cool kids.

Sawyer, don't be a dick.

Tyler [to Sawyer]

You know we're being punished.

McGee [to Torres and Bishop]

Coyle: Where's your attorney?
Gibbs: Chasing ambulances.

Gibbs: What were you thinking?
McGee: Good to see you too.

Bishop: I'm sorry. I'm a little ...
Torres: I know. Me too.

Vance: How's your day going?
Gibbs: I've had better.

NCIS Quotes

McGee: You and Zoe broke up?
Tony: You heard.
McGee: Why didn't you tell me?
Tony: Well the break-up bug's going around. Didn't want you to catch it.

I'm more of a Super-Mario guy, myself.

Captain Wescott