NCIS Spoilers

NCIS Spoilers: What Happened to Gibbs?!

NCIS Spoilers: What Happened to Gibbs?!

NCIS is switching things up early into its 18th season. The beloved CBS procedural, which has been off the air since April, will be going back in time.
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NCIS spoilers may not seem like something in high demand given the procedural nature of the show, but when it comes to guest stars are on the way in and what they might mean to the team, and potential character departures and new storylines, this intel can be as hotly-sought after and much-debated as anything.

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McGee: You and Zoe broke up?
Tony: You heard.
McGee: Why didn't you tell me?
Tony: Well the break-up bug's going around. Didn't want you to catch it.

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