NCIS: Did Vance Survive His Ordeal?

NCIS: Did Vance Survive His Ordeal?

Vance's fate was left up in the air at the close of NCIS Season 15, but did he survive his terrifying ordeal? Find out what happened in the season premiere.
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NCIS Quotes

Gibbs: Anything I can do?
Bishop: Uh, it's pretty self-explanatory, really.
Gibbs: Did you check to see if that little gizmo there is attached to that other giddy-bop?
Bishop: Mmm. Not yet. You think that'll do it?
Gibbs: If you spit on it. Sometimes that works.
Bishop: All right.
Tony: Oh, come on!

One thing I am certain of, my future will no longer include NCIS. Jethro, I've done all I have to do. It's time for Dr. Palmer to be the permanent Chief Medical Examiner. I'm sorry. Goodnight.