On NCIS Season 13 Episode 17, the shooting death of a man seems like a clear case of self defense - until a few details start to not add up.
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While investigating the shooting of two petty officers, Tony meets up with an old flame on NCIS Season 13 Episode 16. Read our review for more!
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On NCIS: Season 13 Episode 15, the team join forces with the FBI to help find the secretary of the Navy's daughter. We have the full episode after the jump!
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The team is called to hunt down the kidnappers of the SecNav's daughter on NCIS Season 13 Episode 15. Read our review to find out how it all went down!
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Gibbs ate cherry gelatin while facing off against an evil lawyer. Does it get any better than that? Join our TV Fanatic panel as they hold court on the NCIS Round Table.
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NCIS Quotes

I am an NCIS special agent. My duty is to serve and protect the United States, and our Navy and Marine Corps across global boundaries. I recognize my badge as a symbol of authority and public trust. I will live my life above reproach, understanding my actions reflect upon my fellow special agents, and our agency.


Tali: Eema.
Tony Senior: What does that mean? Eema?
Tony: Hebrew. Means mother, mom.
Tali: [pointing at Tony in photo] Abba.
Tony: Tali, what did you say?
Tali: [points at Ziva] Eema. [points at Tony] Abba.
Tony: Abba?
Tony Senior: Daddy.
Tony: Ziva must have told her. She knows me. That's right, Tali.