90210 Season 4

"Forever Hold Your Peace"

the 90210 season four finale centers on Max's wedding day. Will he actually marry someone else?

"A Tale of Two Parties"

Nick Carter guest stars on this episode of 90210. He makes a surprise bachelorette party appearance.

"Tis Pity"

Billy Ray Cyrus guest stars on this 90210 episode. Navid also confronts Liam about getting with Silver.

"Bride and Prejudice"

Is Naomi rushing to get married? Her friends fear that she is on this episode of 90210.

"Blue Ivy"

PJ proposes to Naomi this week for his own selfish reasons. Dixon, meanwhile, opens up to Navid about a secret.

"The Heart Will Go On"

90210 enters a hospital this week, as Dixon falls ill and Liam takes Silver to see if she has the breast cancer gene.

"Blood Is Thicker Than Mud"

Latoya Jackson and Train both guest star on this episode of 90210, which focuses on Naomi's attempts to land a new man.

"Babes in Toyland"

Jen is back on this episode of 90210, while Dixon lands a meeting with a movie producer. Nick Zano also guest stars.

"No Good Deed"

Annie volunteers to organize a fundraiser this week on 90210, while Naomi does all she can to land her first event-planning client.

"Trust, Truth and Traffic"

The All-American Rejects perform on 90210 this week, while Dixon gets arrested and Annie is faced with a major decision.

"Mama Can You Hear Me?"

Can Naomi repair the rift between Rachel and Holly? Will Silver move to New York with Greg? These are key questions on this episode of 90210.

"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?"

Naomi humiliates herself in front of her boss on this return episode, while Dixon and Adrianna are booked to perform at a club. Together.

"O Holly Night"

Naomi must plan Holly's birthday party this week, while Annie breaks into Jeremy's apartment. Liam, meanwhile, discovers something shocking.

"Project Runaway"

Dixon tries to fight off temptation this week, while Adrianna confronts Jeremy. Janice Dickinson guest stars.

"Smoked Turkey"

Dixon goes after Adrianna this week, while Ivy and Raj keep arguing. Liam, meanwhile, plans a dinner for the 90210 gang.

"A Thousand Words"

The gang deals with the fallout from its Vegas trip this week. Foremost among it? The leaked video of Teddy's wedding.

"Vegas, Maybe?"

It's off to Vegas for 90210 this week. Teddy gets married!

"It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clarke"

Naomi must work with Holly this week in order to throw a party. Elsewhere, Adrianna takes a drastic step to help Dixon.

"Benefit of the Doubt"

Liam gets offered a modeling job this week, while Kellie Pickler guest stars. Annie also develops feelings for an unlikely guy.

"Party Politics"

Cobra Starship performs on 90210 this week. Read on for a rundown of the episode "Party Politics."

"Let the Games Begin"

Navid makes a peace offering to Dixon this week. Elsewhere, it's time for the Greek Games and for Austin to help Naomi take down Holly.

"Greek Tragedy"

Naomi takes revenge against Holly this week. Annie must also figure out a way to raise cash, while Adrianna tells Liam a secret.

"Rush Hour"

It's all about rushing this week for Naomi and Annie. They go through the drills at a popular sorority.

"Up in Smoke"

90210 is back! Where does everyone stand after high school? Find out in this recap of the season four premiere.

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