90210 Review: True Confessions

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Remind me to never go to a costume party in Beverly Hills because if there's one thing "It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clarke" taught me, it's that everyone always has something hidden.

And, sooner or later, that mask gets ripped off.

Naomi agreed to join forces with her arch enemy Holly this week in order to throw CU's masquerade ball. Like we didn't know THAT was going to end tragically. Sweet as pie and a little too agreeable, I knew Holly was up to no good. And she didn't prove me wrong when those coy little texts started popping up on the video screens at the ball.

Masqerade Partying

Seemingly from Austin, Naomi jumped at the bait. Wasn't it only a week ago that she was dumped by the love of her life, Max? How quickly she forgot. Festering over Austin now, she immediately made a fool of herself, courtesy of Holly.

Naomi may have thought she had the last laugh by having Holly kicked out of the party... but Holly turned the tables on her. After squealing to the dean about the rampant nudity, open flames and all around fun happening at the party, the dean took Naomi's student council presidency title away and gave it right back to Holly. Gotta admit the girl can play a mean snake when push comes to shove.

Screw the dean and Holly. Carnival WAS kick ass and the music was killer. And I did wish I was there, like the banners said. In the end, Naomi got Austin. Or so it seemed.

Adrianna tried to play good cop to Dixon's bad ways. I loved the costumes they wore to the ball reversing those roles. And while it seemed that Adrianna had maybe succeeded in breaking Dixon's ADHD habit, we all knew that monkey was jumping all over his back. No sooner was Ade gone from his side when he was back to doing the good stuff. How else could he spin those jams?

I like the possibility of Ade and Dixon getting together though. Oddly enough, they seem right for each other. And finally some flavor on 90210!

The ab-fest going on between Liam and Austin, meanwhile? Hilarious. I'll take Austin, please. While the humble mode that Liam took was a bit much, he finally succumbed to revealing himself as AbMan in the end. Nothing like the lure of cash to get you to forget about your "principles." It was for the bar after all.

Silver and Navid continued their fight over Navid's nefarious dealings with Uncle Amal. Silver didn't get why Navid had supposedly lied to her. Umm... because he didn't want her killed like Amal had threatened to do previously? But, of course, Silver was on her high horse again. Wonder how light the air is up there? Especially after finding out the truth about bug-eyed Brandy's aka Marissa Harris-Young's campaign videos. Can we all just admit that we don't care about that storyline. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Annie tossed ex-customer/new boyfriend Patrick away because he was imposing on her freedom too much. Like we were supposed to believe that a man who could pass for her dad would be that ga-ga over Annie. Ludicrous much? And how creepy was Perez Hilton? Like a jacked-up Joker with his tacky plaid suit. Stay behind the computer screen please.

And finally Ivy (who looked stunning in her costume) seemed to be questioning her future with Raj. Seen only in a photoshopped picture, Raj was nonexistent in this week's episode. Much like he's going to be in the future it seemed. Especially since Nick, the freelance photographer, once again made an appearance and occupied much of Ivy's thoughts. Get set for a future romance.

They say the truth shall set you free. We'll see about that.

It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clarke Review

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