90210 Review: Silent Night

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Santa couldn't tell who was naughty or who was nice in Beverly Hills this week, but "O Holly Night" proved that sometimes being a little bit of both is what you need to get through the holiday season.

Naomi and Holly seemed to have set aside their differences and became BFFs all of a sudden. That is, until Mama Rachel started giving Naomi the business about being a good little intern and earning the right to be a big successful party planner. Did Holly's mom really think she could push her own daughter aside and that Holly would just take it?

Vinny Gaudagnino on 90210

For a moment there I thought Naomi would have relished sticking it to Holly but it seemed that Naomi was really conflicted about Holly's mom's betrayal. Until Naomi busted Holly grinding up on Austin, of course. Here comes the Holly/Naomi hatefest once again. I love the fact that truces in Beverly Hills last all of two minutes.

Silver was enjoying her new romance with the professor and the change of pace of dating a more mature man. Pump the brakes, though, why did mature have to mean a separated, single father? Poor Silver... she couldn't seem to catch a break. First Navid with his nefarious Uncle Amal and now the professor with his daddy issues. Can we just go back to high school? Being grown-up sucks.

Annie went from ho-ho-ho-ing herself out to breaking and entering and burglary. Not bad for the recent high school grad. Fed up with Jeremy's shenanigans, she managed to steal back Marla's necklace and gather the proof she needed to finally get him off her back. I wouldn't have necessarily done it the way she did (telling the bad guy you've taped his entire nasty conversation while still in his house is never a good move), but things always work out for Annie so she was able to just skate on by into the wild blue yonder aka Paris.

And how weird was that hook-up between Liam and Annie? Forced and trite, I just didn't buy that Annie all of a sudden was madly in love again with Liam. Liam did look quite dashing with his slicked back hair and I loved the way he confronted Patrick, but the Annie/Liam story's been dead and buried. Why try to revive it again?

Will Liam be revived? A "hit and run" on Christmas Eve? Poor Ab-man. Another one who couldn't catch a break. That's what you get when you try to save a hooker with a heart of gold.

Speaking of breaks, Navid was lucky those goons didn't break his skull. Is it really smart to be playing "21 Jump Street" at this point? Silver's moved on so maybe Navid better catch on and return Cat's affections. At least she knows how to recover from beatdowns, being a cop and all.

Adrianna and Dixon seemed to be the only ones who were feeling the holiday spirit. Dixon made me laugh with his Bruno Mars-style ditty and Adrianna floored me with her pipes, not to mention her looks. I dug those two together. And thankfully she stopped the "I gave up my daughter" chatter for the time being. I didn't think I could stand any more toddler talk.

Naughty or nice... 2012 here they come!

O Holly Night Review

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