Last Resort Season 1

"Controlled Flight Into Terrain"

On the final episode of Last Resort, can Marcus and Sam keep the USS Colorado from being captured by a third party while holding off a mutiny?

"The Pointy End of the Spear"

On the penultimate episode of Last Resort, Kylie and the Admiral try to target the President while Marcus considers surrendering the Colorado while holding off a mutiny.

"Damn the Torpedoes"

On Last Resort, Marcus and the crew form surprising alliances when faced with a typhoon, a mutiny, and a coup d'etat in Washington D.C.

"Blue Water"

On Last Resort, the Chinese offer Chaplin a deal while Kendal and King embark on a rescue mission that takes them off the island to try and save Christine.

"Cinderella Liberty"

On Last Resort, the reason for the nuclear strike against Pakistan is finally revealed but will the crew's families make it to the island?

"Big Chicken Dinner"

The crew of the USS Colorado celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the islanders but any goodwill is ruined when one of the crewman is accused of a crime on Last Resort?

"Nuke It Out"

On Last Resort, someone steals the nuclear launch key leaving Kendall and Chaplin scrambling to figure out who while back home Christine and Kylie step up their plan to expose the conspiracy.

"Another Fine Navy Day"

The crew is attacked by an unknown force which causes hallucinations and blackouts and puts Marcus and Sam on a desperate mission to save the sub on Last Resort.

"Skeleton Crew"

On Last Resort, who will survive when Sam and Marcus meet with government officials in the hopes of ending their standoff and Grace is in charge of a dangerous repair operation on board the sub.


Marcus and Sam learn that they are being charged with treason as they face a more immediate threat from their own crew on Last Resort.

"Eight Bells"

Marcus leads a search for three missing crew members which leads him to Serrat's compound and some surprising consequences on Last Resort.

"Blue on Blue"

On Last Resort, warships head towards the island as the situation continues to escalate. Grace is under attack from within, and a personal matter pits Prosser against Chaplin.


On the pilot episode of Last Resort, we meet the crew of the U.S.S. Colorado as they receive orders that have unfathomable consequences.

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