Last Resort Round Table: "Captain"

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ABC's new show Last Resort surfaced last week with its first episode, "Captain," and our TV Fanatic round table team of Carla Day, Matt Richenthal, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are still finding their sea legs after this wild ride.

Come join us as we debate whether military orders should be questioned and where is the fine line between crazy and brilliant. Consider the first of many Last Resort Round Tables...


What was your favorite scene?
Carla: The showdown between Captain Chaplin and the US military. That was when the lines were drawn and the USS Colorado officially went rogue. Chaplin proved he would do whatever was necessary to protect himself and his crew. It was a smart, calculated decision.

Matt: The crew dancing around to La Bamba. You've been warned: these folks can groove!

Jim: I loved the Navy Seal trying to get drunk and the local thugs walking up and him telling him what order he would shoot them in. While they weren't sure if he could kill them all, they were sure he would kill many of them and walked away.

Christine: I'm with you Jim. I loved that scene. I also loved when he saw the sub shooting off the missile and he deadpanned, that's not good. I'm not even sure what that SEAL's name is yet but I know I want to see more of him.

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Should the Captain have questioned the order to launch?
Carla: Absolutely. The military is a structured organization that thrives based on following orders, at the same time, Captains are at a level of leadership which requires some questioning. The orders were sent through in an unorthodox manner and you don't kill millions of people if the command could be corrupt

Matt: Yes. He didn't rise that far up in the ranks simply because he takes orders, he achieved that status due to his intelligence in the field. Come on. You're going to doubt Andre Braugher?

Jim: First, he didn't question the order, he asked for verification through proper channels. BIG DIFFERENCE. Having served in the military, I will tell you that "I was following orders" *is not* is not a valid reason for committing crimes against humanity. The service teaches you to follow "lawful" orders; receiving instructions through a backup system when the primary is not down falls into the "possibly not lawful" category.

Christine: Damn. I didn't know we had a military man on the Round Table team. Given the circumstances, it certainly seemed that asking for verification was a logical response. Because somebody tried to blow his ship out of the water directly after that, we can assume it was definitely an "unlawful" order.

Is Captain Chaplin smart or just plain crazy?
Carla: Smart. Without background his decisions could appeal crazy, but in actuality he is making moves that will prolong his and his crews lives. The government already tried to blow them up once, he needs to prevent that from happening again and that means taking risky, but calculated moves.

Matt: Crazy smart! He explained pretty clearly that he needed to teeter on the edge of insanity in order for the government to take his threats seriously. I'd trust him with my well-being.

Jim: Brilliant. As he said, he needs them to think he is just crazy enough. Loved the foreshadowing with the conversation about Reagan.

Christine: Crazy smart is a great description but it makes me wonder what could push him over the edge... and what happens if his crew starts wondering the same thing?

If you saw that video, would you believe it?
Carla: Hmm ... good question. I would believe it was possible, but it would all depend on the spin around it. Really difficult to know, but I believe the truth would come out through multiple sources.

Matt: It depends who broadcasts it. Will the news networks air it or will it get buried in all of the craziness on YouTube?

Jim: If it was attached to video of a detonation off the cost of DC, you bet your butt! He was smart to do it after showing what he was willing to do.

Christine:  I think it would depend on the spin that surrounds it which is scary to think about.  I wonder how much of what he says can be verified and what type of story the powers that be will spin to sink it.

What's your favorite submarine movie?
Carla: The Hunt for Red October.

Matt: Down Periscope. Forget Frasier or Boss. This was Kelsey Grammer's best performance.

Jim: Also The Hunt For Red October. Was first movie I ever saw in IMAX and Sean Connery six stories tall is amazing! There have been many others, such as The Abyss, that were good... but Red October was amazing. Small trivia fact: for The Hunt For Red October's initial release, the VHS tape itself was red.

Christine: I'd love to say The Abyss. It's always been a real favorite, but since only one scene was on an actual sunken sub, I'm going to go with Crimson Tide. You can't go wrong with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman.

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