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-Marcus invites the islanders to share a Thanksgiving feast but it is interrupted when an island woman accuses Anders of rape.

-They have a trial with both crewman and islanders on the jury.  Serrat convinces the islanders to secretly vote not guilty to further erode the relationship between the military and the locals.  There are riots after the verdict.

-Grace defends Anders at trial but later confesses to Marcus that she was raped at the academy and convinced to keep it quiet.  She believes Anders is guilty and tricks him into confessing.

-Marcus offers Anders a choice. He can be held in the brig on the sub or he can take his chances not he island. Anders stays on the island.

-Booth takes Sam to the transponder but then tries to kill him.  Sam kills Booth in the ensuing fight.
-Grace tells James things should go back to normal between them.

-With Anders gone, Marcus begins teaching Cortez to take over the nuke room.

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