Last Resort Review: The Cruise Missile Warning

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"Nuke It Out" threw viewers some mind blowing twists and turns, as well as a big reveal made obvious much too soon. 

Paranoia, disloyalty and disillusionment were all front and center as the crew of the Colorado were left to wonder who was the traitor among them. It left some with their feelings and egos more than a little bit bruised.

Christine's Dilemma

Previously, I'd interviewed Daisy Betts 0 who plays Lt. Grace Shepherd - and she warned that trust would become a big issue between her and the Captain. Well, I believe that day has come. With the launch key missing, everyone was being considered a suspect, no matter how loyal he/she appeared. But that was by far the least interesting issue Grace had to deal with tonight.

The Love Triangle Or should I say lust triangle? It's a little hard to tell at this point. It's been obvious for a while that James and Grace had some chemistry but I was willing to dismiss it seeing as he had moved forward with Tani. Well, not so fast.

Disarming a bomb most certainly got the adrenaline pumping and I guess all of those endorphins had to be funneled into something. Why not sex on the beach? I suppose that problem I'm having with this story is that it made me realize how little I felt for Tani; with the buildup of that relationship I should have felt worse for her.

The Spy Among Us The big reveal that Cortez stole the launch key could have been even more shocking if it weren't for the scene where she pledged her loyalty to Marcus. 

Her allegiance to the Captain was made clear early in the season, so having her reiterate it here just felt odd, and practically telegraphed that she was the mole long before the revelation was made clear. 

Where Is the Executioner? After this episode I was really left wondering: why is Julian Serrat still alive? He's abducted several crew members, murdered one, helped drug the entire crew and is now involved in a having a bomb strapped to a crewman and dropping her in the middle of a crowd. And we haven't even mentioned what he's done to the COB.

Sam might be balking at playing judge, jury and executioner but at what point do you say enough is enough? The casualties of Julian's style of guerilla warfare are starting to pile up. When does Marcus finally stop letting this guy torture and kill his crew?

The Women of D.C. How kick ass were Kylie and Christine? Especially Christine. It wasn't all that long ago that I was wondering if she was going to be nothing more than the whiny wife left behind. I couldn't be happier to be wrong.

Christine and Kylie's partnership has already proven formidable but special props to Christine. I hate Paul a little less knowing that he's getting squeezed by Curry, who somehow has his son but it's still great to know that Christine is on to him. The girl was definitely playing the player and she's damn good at it.

Learning to Juggle. Sam's got so many balls in the air I almost couldn't keep up. He was trying to keep the Captain's head in the game while keeping the crew from going AWOL. He's trying to work Booth while holding off the SEALS and I'm not sure he knows what to make of Sophie in this moment.

That brings us to the COB. Ugh. I'll admit that this felt like one storyline too many. With so much else packed into the hour, it felt as though this tipped it over the edge. Or maybe I just hated seeing Prosser on his knees.

With so many stories going on at once, is Last Resort trying to do too much or did you love the fast pace of this jam-packed hour?


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Grace, James and Tani are all Australian actors... funny they are the triangle.... It is really a shame it is cancelled so soon... hoping for the new Lost of a sort! I agree their are one too many plots though, and some things are just plain ridiculous... the Island mercenary would have been killed in the beginning when he first shot one of their men... they have gained nothing from letting him live. Its a shame that they didn't put more effort into the overall politics of it, becuase what is happening back home is really interesting and doesnt get enough air time in the hour. I think the Lost formula was awesome to just focus on one or two characters an episode and really get to know them whilst moving the story along... this show is generally a little too all over the place.


@Maka - Thanks for that information!


I'm so sorry for this excellent cast that their series was cancelled. They did a lot of really good work. Half the episodes still have to air. So, I hope we get more great lines from Prosser, Julian thrown into the local volcano, and...let's go "all in" here (heh, heh!)...some hot & steamy scenes with James & Grace.


The last 2 haven't been as good. It's a shame it's cancelled.


It's finally official.Both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue have been cancelled.All 13 episodes of both series will be broadcasted as scheduled.


Wowsa!!James and grace were smoking hot!!!!Those two have the most chemistry out of anyone on that show aside from sophie and sam.I love how passionate and steamy james was with grace.Def.want more of those two.They are the reason I watch.


well they have to jam pack the ep seeing as how its not being renewed abc sucks


@KansasGuest Under normal circumstances, they might be in trouble. Grace is an officer. King is (probably) enlisted. I don't think it matters that they're in different chains of command (Grace can't give King marching orders because King answers to SOCOM while Grace answers to her commanders, Kendal and Chaplin). If he's not enlisted (most special forces operators are), then it doesn't matter. They're two officers working in different chains of command. Under these circumstances, it's moot, because discipline on this boat has been shot to sunshine already. I highly doubt, on the off chance that the Colorado can effect a change in governance in the White House such that they can return home, that the US Navy would be overly concerned prosecuting them for fraternization. They'd have bigger problems.


Love seeing Gracie let her hair down. Literaly. I'm gonna be so pissed when they cancel this thing. I hope for no cliffhanger. Any chance they can try and at least move it to Tuesday's I think Itd do better there.


CONTINUED...2) Sex & Sand - ouch, ouch, OUCH! Too funny that James liked Tani's hair up, yet told Grace he'd always wondered what hers was like down. LOL! What a smooth operator. Triangle? Nah - Grace had him on her own terms, and I kind of like that. Although...the whole thing was shot way too dark & too close IMO. And, it felt like the writers were giving us the Penthouse solution to UST - wham, bam, thank you. Not nearly as satisfying as it could have been. But, given the precarious state of this series, I understand wanting to rush things. I just hope Grace strings him along for a while. BTW, does she outrank him? Could that be a problem? 3) We've got Sam's Angels back in D.C! It really felt like these ladies were the smart ones this week. I have no idea if what the CIA guy told Sam was true. But, it makes sense that they don't want them to return. What doesn't make sense is that he *killed* two SEALS. If he really is one of the "good" guys, those SEALS could have backed up his story and made the resistance stronger.

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