Modern Family Review: Passing the Buck

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Is there such a thing as a white lie? That's what we explored on this week's Modern Family.

In "Bad Hair Day," everyone is trying to skirt the truth to either spare their hide or spare their loved ones.

Claire's Old Flame

The second best part of this episode was everyone trying to get out of the blame for baby Joe's horrible haircut! They should've gone with Jay to begin with, Gloria gets mad at him the least. Eh, it's either Jay or Manny, but Manny has the right to be scared in his teenage years. Fear is a powerful emotion, something Jay seems to understand.

Jay knew that Manny was botching his auditions with his stage fright. Even though he was preoccupied with his big bowling match - so much so that he crushed Phil's dreams of being on the team - Jay knew something was amiss with Manny. This lead to what was my favorite part of the episode.

I was sad when Jay brushed Manny off and put him on the bus. Then, we suddenly heard the music blasting and Jay pulled up next to the bus and called Manny out on his fear. Next thing we knew, Manny was serenading us all and tossing that pork pie hat on. Manny really is having a hat moment. Unfortunately, that phase has passed for Mitchell.

I had a pretty good hat run, but then I saw a photo of myself in a dude ranch. I looked like Reba at the Grammys. | permalink

Apparently Mitchell has moved from hats to wigs. Did you think Cam and Mitchell's idea for the Oscar party photographs was cliche? I liked it! Baby Joe's poor hair definitely did not. I'd be scared of Gloria too if that were the case. 

Were you guys surprised that Claire dated her professor? Not gonna lie: I totally wasn't. You know Claire was a little wild back in the day. But the Dean? Damn Claire! Phil took it all in stride though once he and Claire spoke about it and that's why Phil is pretty awesome. 

What'd you think of this week's Modern Family? Would you have taken the blame for cutting Joe's hair? What was the deal with Phil's bowling shoes? Relive the best Modern Family quotes from the week now!

Bad Hair Day Review

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