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Modern Family Season 4

"Goodnight Gracie"

On the 4th season finale of Modern Family, when Phil's mother passes away, her dying wish sends him reeling while Jay has an unusual encounter with an old acquaintance.

"Games People Play"

Phil thinks an RV will launch the perfect family road trip until reality sets while the search for Manny's backpack gives Jay and Gloria the chance to snoop on Modern Family.

"My Hero"

Teddy, Mitch's ex-boyfriend invites the entire Pritchett clan to a fundraiser at a roller rink where Cam works to act normal around Teddy. Luke and Manny discuss who should be the subject of a My Hero essay.

"Career Day"

Phil is dismayed when his arch nemesis Gil Thorpe shows up at Luke's career day while Mitchell and Camerson have issues with the tooth fairy on Modern Family.

"Flip Flop"

Phil takes some desperate measures to get Cam and Claire's flipped house sold on Modern Family.

"The Future Dunphys"

Phil and Claire get a possible glimpse of their future while witnessing another family while Jay takes Manny to visit a private school on Modern Family.

"The Wow Factor"

Claire and Cam need a third party when they can't agree on landscaping for their house flip while Phil is inspired to teach the kids basic handyman skills on Modern Family.

"Best Men"

Mitchell and Cameron are asked to be the Best Men when a friend gets married while Phil gives his son advice on romance on Modern Family.

"Bad Hair Day"

On Modern Family Claire runs into an awkward situation when Phil meets a professor she once dated in college while Jay obsesses about an upcoming bowling tournament.

"Heart Broken"

Phil and Claire's alter egos, Clive and Julianna have yet another disastrous Valentine's Day as Claire ends up in the hospital. Jay and Gloria's holiday is interrupted and Mitchell and Cameron try to remember what happened at their wild party on Modern Family.

"A Slight at the Opera"

Manny plans to bail out Cam when his school musical goes awry and Phil's golf lessons with Jay turn into a competition as Nathan Lane guest stars on Modern Family.


On this week's Modern Family, Gloria's family visits from Columbia, Phil feels underappreciated when helping with the kids, and Mitchell and Cameron try to curb their bad habits for Lily's sake.

"Party Crasher"

It's Manny's 14th birthday and Gloria and Jay plan a surprise party, while Claire and Phil are concerned when Haley is interested in an older man on Modern Family.

"New Year's Eve"

On Modern Family, Jay is disappointed when his plans for the family's New Year don't go according to plan.

"Diamond In The Rough"

On Modern Family, Claire and Cameron want to start house flipping after successfully renovating a baseball field but Phil and Mitchell aren't buying in.

"When a Tree Falls"

Gloria's pregnancy makes her and Claire's shopping trip a day that won't be forgotten while Jay and Manny find themselves completely out of their element at a party on Modern Family.

"Mistery Date"

On Modern Family, Claire brings Manny and Luke to Alex's academic decathlon and the boys bat mitzvah hop in the hotel looking for a cute girl. Cameron and Mitchell surprise baby Jay and Gloria with a baby gift.


Haley is arrested for underage drinking, resisting arrest and assault of an officer on this week's Modern Family.

"Yard Sale"

Gloria tries to hide the contents of an old trunk during the Pritchett family yard sale while Cam and Mitchel assess Alex's new friend on Modern Family.

"Open House of Horrors"

On Modern Family, the neighbor's voice their dismay at Claire's over exuberance for Halloween. Gloria's temper hits new heights as pregnancy progresses.

"The Butler's Escape"

Phil won't accept it when Luke says he wants to quit performing magic and Jay is forced to take desperate measures when an odd symptom of Gloria's pregnancy is keeping the entire house from getting some sleep on Modern Family.

According to their plan for the future, Phil schedules his vasectomy. Gloria and Jay try to decide if they want to know the baby's gender on Modern Family.


Lily's first day of kindergarten puts Mitchel and Cameron at odds with lesbian parents. Clair and Phil humiliate Haley on her first day of college.

"Bringing Up Baby"

It's Jay's birthday on the season four premiere of Modern Family. And he's in for a major surprise!

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