Shameless Review: Being Entrepreneurial

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Debbie Gallagher MVP.

Never before have we seen such a performance from the younger Gallagher sister! In "The American Dream," Debbie gave it her all when Frank finally went too far, violated her room and broke her reenactment of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.

Frank as a Mess

Debbie has always been the one sibling who was supportive of Frank no matter what. But every Gallagher has a breaking point. After everything Debbie has done for Frank, for him to come home with gross dudes from The Alibi, take over her room and let one of them pee in the corner was disgusting. When he broke her model home it was a pillowcase of soap bars to the face. Sorry, Frank, but you've pissed off your last kid!

Then calling child services? I agree with Kev's bartender. That was really a low point. Especially when child services should be arresting him! Let's talk about his "baby whispering" tactics for a second. I've heard about back in the day when people would rub a little whiskey on their children's gums if they were teething, but rubbing a little Valium in there? I'm not a doctor but I'm gonna assume that can't be good. Then again, if you're choosing to trust Frank with your baby...well, good luck.

Everyone knows the real caretakers in the family are Fiona and Lip. Lip is pissed that Fiona took the last thousand bucks she made for the property tax and rightfully so. She has the right to try and be entrepreneurial and better their situation but she has to do that with extra money or money she sets aside for that. The property tax was the priority and the other kids made it their priority too. 

So the ghetto girl thinks she can live the American dream, huh? | permalink

I think it's a good thing that Fiona has dreams. Lip thinks there's only one way to make money when you're poor: steal it or scam it. I think they both work hard at making money any way they can whether it's legal or not; bottom line is that if they're caring for a family then certain things need to be prioritized. Lip still took care of the property tax even if he gave Fiona a hard time about it. She also worked her ass off getting that club night together.

It sucks that two of the most important people in her life couldn't be there, but those were some crappy situations as well. First of all, Kev has a wife? I feel like this was maybe mentioned in Shameless season 2 but nothing was ever made clear. Either way, V is not OK. 

Then we have Jimmy who is being stalked by Maroon 5 loving Brazilian mafia man. I said it in my review of the Shameless season 3 premiere: the longer Jimmy keeps it a secret from Fiona the worse the fallout is gonna be. I did notice, however, that whenever Fiona catches Jimmy doing something shady like burning his clothes or showing up with a broken finger, it makes her very frisky. Is she turned on by the bad boy side of him? We know she's not into his Mr. Mom side. And she's definitely not into him taking a dump in front of her. 

Mickey's back and Ian is desperate to know if he has "that look." Mickey will probably never have that look because Mickey is not comfortable with himself and he's a troublemaker in general. I'm interested to see what happens when Mickey crosses paths with Jimmy's dad and all of that craziness ensues.

This week's episode was a lot better than last Sunday's and I'm excited to see this season on the upswing! What did you think of the latest episode? How long can Jimmy keep this secret from Fiona? What will happen with child services? Does Fiona have a future in club promoting? 

The American Dream Review

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You're like our maid now.

Carl [to Jimmy]

If I don't invest in myself, no one else will.