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Shameless Season 3

"Survival of the Fittest"

In the Shamelss season 3 finale, it's Lips high school graduation and Fiona throws a surprise party while and Frank uses his gambling winnings to take Lip out on a special day.

"Order Room Service"

Fiona and the kids go camping while Frank tries to sneak into the Gallagher van to spend the night on Shameless.

"Civil Wrongs"

Just when Fiona gets her life settled, Jimmy comes along to stir things up on Shameless.

"Frank the Plumber"

Bradley Whitford guest stars on this episode of Shameless. He plays a gay rights activist.

"When There's a Will"

The family meets Frank's cousin Patrick on Shameless this week. Might he be the most devious of the bunch?

"A Long Way From Home"

Fiona makes a bold decision on this episode of Shameless. It has to do with her future with the children.

"Cascading Failures"

The Department of Family Services takes away the Gallagher children on this key episode of Shameless.

"The Sins of My Caretaker"

Frank faces a major problem at the hands of the city on Shameless this week, while Jimmy struggles to deal with his dad's secret.

"The Helpful Gallaghers"

On Shameless, Jimmy gets upsetting news about his parents, cancer camp doesn't live up to Carl's expectations, and Sheila wants to introduce Jody to "toy time."

"May I Trim Your Hedges?"

Lip hunts down sex offenders in the neighborhood on this episode of Shameless, while Frank works a new scam.

"The American Dream"

Fiona has second thoughts about loaning money to Meg this week on Shameless, while Kev's wife returns to his life.

"El Gran Canon"

Fiona gets used to living with Jimmy on the Shameless Season 3 premiere, while Lip is sentenced to community service.

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