Brad: How are you doing, Tammi?
Tammi: None of your fucking business, Brad.

Take care of them for me, will ya?


Fiona: I feel like I got a second chance.
V: So, what now?

Lip: Any ideas?
Fiona: We can't like drug him and dump him under a bridge.
Carl: Why not?

Time to leave this little rat crap behind you and get on with being an adult.


Fiona: I don't really know what I'm supposed to do now.
Lip: The only thing you can do, you get back up, you start over.
Fiona: It's that easy, huh?
Lip: No.

Lip: You're strong.
Fiona: Are you sure?

Fiona: Hi, my name's Fiona, and I'm not sure if I'm an alcoholic.
Everyone: Hi Fiona.

Brad: Your sister coming again this morning.
Lip: Said she was, yeah. Tammi's dad showed up at my house this morning.
Brad: Bob?
Lip: Yeah.
Brad: Shit, what did he want?
Lip: Wants to know my plan.

Carl: Oh.
Tammi: What do you mean oh? Shut up.

Debbie: What's that?
Lip: It's Fiona's shit.

Don't be mad. It's nobody's fault.


Shameless Quotes

Kev: Look I'm just trying to put everything in the past okay? I'm a conscientious objector now.
Mickey: What the f*ck does that mean?
Kev: I don't really know. Something to do with Muhammed Ali. Peace and love.

Lip: You got married?
Fiona: Yeah.
Lip: Fuck. To who?
Fiona: Gus.
Lip: Who the fucks Gus?
Fiona: I've mentioned him before.
Lip: Yeah in passing. Jesus, married? Are you happy or---
Fiona: Do I seem happy?