Back the fuck away from the car.

Frank, people like the Milkoviches would love nothing more than a young black boy breaking into their property.


We hope you don't mind us taking over this area.


V: She isn't even allowed to be here.
Debbie: V, don't do this.
V: She's on a sex offenders register.

Frank: Sell that for $7.
V: A little expensive, don't you think?
Frank: Seven's the price.

Kev: Oh, fuck. That is good.
Frank: You like that? That's a little Half-Mexican red.

Franny: I'm ready for my picture now.
Debbie: Oh, Franny. Let me get my phone.

Mickey: Flip fuck?
Ian: Sure.
Mickey: What's my name?
Ian: Nick.
Mickey: I said what's my name!
Ian: Nick Jonas.

Watch out, crackheads. I'll come back for you later.


Liam: Don't touch.
Lip: Why?
Liam: I'm going to sell them for cheap to the lunch day kids.
Lip: What's a lunch day kid?
Liam: Kids who run out of money on their food account. Can't eat the hot lunch today until they pay up.
Lip: Is that even legal?
Liam: Yeah, but the lunch lady serves them gross shit, like stale bread, government cheese, chunky pudding.
Lip: So, you're capitalizing on them by selling them your peanut butter sandwiches?
Liam: It's the American way. See ya.

Hey, back up. What do I look like, an information lady? Hell, no. I'm a law enforcement officer, emphasis on the enforcement. You need to know what happened last week on Shameless? You better go find someone who actually gives a shit.


Lip: Hey, look who it is, the Birthday girl.
Frannie: Presents?
Lip: Oh, no, no. It's not like Christmas, Frannie. You're going to get your presents tonight at your party.
Frannie: Oh.

Shameless Quotes

Debbie: Carl, Fiona's pregnant and I need the whole family to talk her into keeping it. You in?
Carl: Yo white girl, I don't know you.

I'd trade my left nut for one more hour of sleep.