The Ghost Whisperer Season 5

"The Children's Parade"

Welcome to the fifth season finale of Ghost Whisperer. During "The Children's Parade", Melinda look into a poltergeist in Grandview hospital. George Wendt guest stars on the installment.

"Dead Ringer"

In "Dead Ringer" a dangerous revenge plot places Melinda as the target making her unsure what is real and what's not. Meanwhile, the ghost she's working with turns up alive. That's unusual. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"Blood Money"

In "Blood Money", Melinda is in danger when she investigates an unsolved kidnapping. The show is creeping closer and closer to its season finale. Read our full recap to see what happened!

"Lethal Combination"

In "Lethal Combination" a ghost makes an accusation against a nanny, claiming this individual is evil. Melinda therefore goes out to see if she can prove this claim is correct. Read our full recap to see what happened!

In "Dead Eye", a confused ghost dressed as a clown begins haunting Melinda's house on this episode. Read our recap to find out what happened.

"On Thin Ice"

When comic book artist Damon Weaver begins drawing his own run-ins with ghosts before they happen, it is up to Melinda and Avery to discover the secrets behind his art. Read our "On Thin Ice" for a detailed recap of it.

"Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"

This episode is titled "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows." Melinda and the gang try to help an innocent young ghost cross into the light, but an old mysterious ghost woman keeps her and her friends trapped inside a house. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"Implosion" is The Ghost Whisperer's 100th episode that Jennifer Love Hewitt directed herself. In it, Melinda and Eli go to an old army base to follow a young dead ghost of a boy. Meanwhile, Bedford is after the Book of Shadows and will stop at nothing to get it. Read our recap to find out what you missed!

"Dead to Me"

Margaret Cho guest stars in "Dead to Me" as Ned's professor Avery Grant. Someone or something is haunting her and it is up to Melinda and the gang to figure it out! A big shock happens at the end!

"Living Nightmare"

This episode is titled "Living Nightmare." In it, Melinda and Eli work together to solve a hospital mystery that has a ghost haunting a patient. Is this patient seeing demons? Something tells us this will be a very spooky episode!

"Blessings in Disguise"

Melinda is after a family's hidden truth this week. The episode is titled "Blessings in Disguise." Melinda must figure out the the truth within a new family before it tears apart a young couple just falling in love.

Melinda assists Ned, who is being haunted by a ghost at The Grandview Radio Station.

"Excessive Forces"

This week's episode is titled "Excessive Forces." In it, it's up to Melinda to find out if the killer is actually a police office.

"Lost In The Shadows"

This episode is titled "Lost In The Shadows." In it, Aiden meets the ghost of a little girl who died from leukemia. Also, Melinda worries for her son's safety when the ghost threatens Melinda to stay out of her way.

"Dead Listing"

This week, on an episode titled "Dead Listeing," Melinda is forced into a murder mystery by a real estate power couple when a ghost leads her to his own corpse.

"Devil's Bargain"

This week's installment is titled "Devil's Bargain." It involves Jim's suspicion of a co-worker.

"Head Over Heals"

It's Halloween on The Ghost Whisperer. This episode is titled "Head Over Heals."

"Cause For Alarm"

This is the fifth episode of the fifth season. It's titled "Cause For Alarm."

This is the fourth episode of the fifth season. It's titled "Do Over."

"See No Evil"

A cursed email is the main topic on this episode of The Ghost Whisperer. It's titled "See No Evil."

"Birthday Presence"

This is the fifth season premiere of The Ghost Whisperer. The show has jumped ahead five years.

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