The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Dead to Me"

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Should we start with the cliff hanger or save it for later?! We say get right down to the business!

If you haven't read any of our spoilers, "Dead to Me" ended with a complete shock!

Someone very close to Melinda will die sometime soon - and how did she find out about it? Why through a Ouija board ghost!

Dead to Me Scene

I am a pretty superstitious person - being Catholic and definitely believing in spirits, made tonight's episode have quite some authenticity to it. Ask anyone who is Catholic - nothing good can come out of a Ouija board.

That was one of the main reasons why I had such a hard time believing the young dead girl, Madison, to be the one doing the foretelling of death. Perhaps she used it to her advantage, some of the time, but the Ouija board opens the doors for any spirit to come right in.

Who do you think it will be? It would be really silly for the writers to kill someone off and have them come back again like Jim did. Wouldn't that be like beating a dead horse? Been there done that and time to move on. If we had to guess - we would choose Ned. Ned's character really doesn't add much except access to the college library. He even said so this week - he has nothing special to add to the group. And it was his lame butt who brought the Ouija boards in in the first place!

Back to the storyline, like last week, Aiden and Jim both had minor parts. We think this is to lead up to something big. We all have been waiting - and we say - it's about time! Don't get me wrong, we really loved this week's episode. It was definitely spooky, but had a softer part to it. No parent should have to out live their children. It just is not the way to go. When Madison went into the light, I was a bit teary eyed.

We are happy to hear Avery will become a reoccurring character. We thought she was great! Especially the scene's with her talking to Curtis! That had me laughing out loud!

Now that we see a light at the end of the tunnel (that sounds a bit morbid, but fitting) - we only have to wait until the 100th episode to find out who and why one of our main characters dies!

Until next week, here are a few of The Ghost Whisperer quotes that we enjoyed:

Madison: I couldn't say good-bye until it means something.
Melinda: What means something?
Madison: Me being gone. | permalink
Avery: Ugh! Why isn't there a star 69 on this thing? | permalink
Ned: The ghost couldn't be a guy.
Eli: How come?
Ned: Dude, the ghost left a glitter note. | permalink

Dead to Me Review

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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

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Spirits don't belong here, they belong in the light.