The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows"

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Last night on The Ghost Whisperer, besides ghosts, Melinda had plenty to deal with!

For one, Delia wasn't too thrilled that only after a short time her son Ned was hurt again because of Melinda's ghosts encounters.

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Melinda had to choose between helping the innocent or letting go to protect her friends and family and Melinda wouldn't be Melinda if she didn't help the innocent ghosts. That's just what she does. We were kind of torn here, and could see where Delia was coming from.  She almost blew up because she is friends with Melinda last week and who knows why Bedford demanded Ned to be the one to bring the book of changes?

"Old Sins Cast Long Shadows" had us spooked out of our minds!

That old ghost lady Greta was super creepy. Why was she the gatekeeper for the Shadows? Why did she prey on all the innocent children? We learned that the Shadows want the ghost children, but why? Is it for their innocence? Why are they such a hot commodity?

Melinda did find out that the Shadows multiplied by preying on the weakness of the ghost's guilt. But what is the purpose of this?

It was interesting that the raven played such a huge role in being almost the mascot for the Shadows. But why? At the end, when Greta was long gone, the raven brought back another innocent ghost to the house. The raven must play a larger role then what we know of so far. We have an eerie feeling that this is not the last we see of this scary bird.

We were surprised that Delia came to the rescue at the ending. At first, we thought that all the lights where the Shinings, but it was nice to see that Delia knew that she and Ned were already too involved to just walk away and leave Melinda helpless.

Bedford was surprisingly absent this week. We were looking forward to seeing his ghost creeping around and spooking us, I guess we just have to wait until next week!

Until then, we leave you with a few of our favorite The Ghost Whisperer quotes after the jump!

Cassidy: We protect each other whenever the cold things come. | permalink
Eli: It's a raven - that means nevermore. | permalink
Delia: I am sorry Melinda, but this is getting too dangerous. | permalink
Cassidy: Don't come back - you'll be dead too. | permalink

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows Review

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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

I am sorry Melinda, but this is getting too dangerous.


Don't come back - you'll be dead too.