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A kid gets kidnapped in Paris. A man is alerted to the kidnapping in Afghanistan. It's the boy's father.

Harold and Liz are informed that the AG can't press charges against Garvey. There was an IA against him but the files are confidential and he won't turn over the files to the Task Force.

Garvey gets a visited from a rep of Zorak Mozadek because a shipment was seized by the cops. She thinks he's obsessed with Reddington and is warned.

Liz visits Red in a movie theater and he tells her about the new case regarding the kidnapped boy which he sells as a lead on Garvey. He tells her that Garvey is a drug lord.

Liz updates the Task Force on Mozadek. They plan on going to Paris to catch up with him.

Ressler asks Aram about the ring. Liz wants to talk to Aram about something. Red is expecting Liz on the plane to Paris but he only gets Ressler and Samar. Liz is following her own leads and she is working with Aram. She wants to get to Garvey first which is why she needs Aram's help. She wants to steal the IA files from the AG.

Red delays Samar and Ressler while he takes care of some business in Paris.

Aram and Liz set up the AG guy to get the IA file about Garvey. She gets the file in an elaborate ruse with Aram riding a bike and getting hit by the guy's car.

Meanwhile, Red is planning an extraction with Ressler and Samar to get Mozadek.

Ressler talks to Samar about the ring.

Aram and Liz look at the surveillance logs and Liz is intrigued by why Garvey went to this bar every Friday at 12:30, over 50 miles away.

The team in Paris put their plan in motion to get Mozadek. There's a hiccup but Dembe and the team figure it out and get Mozadek out.

Red meets with Mozadek who has a package of diamonds for him. Red wants to work out a deal that includes getting the guy's son back in exchange for information about Garvey.

Mozadek is an opium dealer.

Harold meets with the CIA lady about Mozadek. She denies everything but he was working for Mozadek. Harold tells her about Mozadek's son. She won't do anything to help.

Aram tells Liz that everyone at the bar is clean. They are watching him and then he meets with Lilly.

Mozadek disappears in a cemetery where they were supposed to meet with the people who kidnapped his son. He's taken and they want information about the other traitors but he doesn't know.

The good guys find him and a gun battle ensues in the basement of a church and then in the church itself. Red gives the curator of the church the bag of diamonds. Mozadek and his son are okay.

Liz goes into the bar to ask Lilly questions and learns that Garvey has been a surrogate father to her and that Reddington is her real father. She is supposedly Jennifer.

Red wants Mozadek to arrange a meeting with Garvey. Garvey learns that Mozadek is coming to see him.





The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

If we pull this off, you’ll have something to tell your grandchild one of these days with a nick nack paddy whack give the dog a bone. This old man came rolling home.


I told you Garvey isn't afraid of legal threats. I said he was afraid of losing power. The ledger tells us how to take it from him.