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Red is talking to the Zarak Mosadek about Ian Garvey and make a plan to eliminate Garvey.

Garvey is getting ready. He has a silencer on his gun and the bag of bones.

After Red leaves Zarak calls Garvey. He wants Garvey to kill Red.

Jennifer is with Liz. She wants to go home but Liz is telling her that Jennifer is not safe.

Liz goes to see Red. He's at J Edgar Hoover and his lover lived. He tells her what happened with Mosadek.

Ian meets with Jennifer who tells him everything she knows.

Aram gives Samar her keys back. They hear the meeting between Garvey and Jennifer and learn what's really going to happen. She calls Red but he doesn't believe her -- at least that's what he tells her. He does believe her.

Red calls Sinclair (the mask guy) to call upon his services. Red wants him to create a double of him to send the double in his place to get killed. Sinclair says he means more time. Red tells him he has 16 hours.

Red tells Harold and Donald and the rest of the team that he's going to the meeting. Harold is not happy. Red tells them that it's their opportunity to capture both Garvey and Mosadek. Liz is suspicious.

Sinclair tells Red his plan while Red's people get ready for the meeting. Garvey gets ready on his end as does Mosadek and the FBI.

They're using the post office Tony to be Red. Sinclair is training him to be Red.

Red arrives. Garvey kills Mosadek, but Garvey is really Tony.

The real Garvey is tied up somewhere and Red and Dembe talk to him when he comes to.

Red tells Garvey everything that he did to him to set him up. Red tries to make another deal with Garvey for the bones.

Ressler is questioning one of Garvey's men who doesn't understand the double cross.

Liz and the team figure out what Red did. He double crossed them.

Liz calls Jennifer to get her to help. She asks Jennifer about the duffel bag.

Red and Dembe are driving Garvey and Garvey gets them to crash and then Garvey takes off. He ends up at the bar where Jennifer works. He's taking money. Liz is at the bar and sees Garvey. Red calls Aram for help. Aram tells him where she is.

Liz busts in on Garvey and Jennifer. He is going to tell her about the bones. Jennifer spills the beans about Liz being Red's daughter.

Aram tells the rest of the team what's going on. Ressler and Samar head to the bar.

Red shows up before Garvey finishes the story.  It's pretty intense. Jennifer tells Red who she is. Liz pulls a gun on Red. Garvey shoots Red and Liz shoots Garvey. She wants to keep him alive until she learns the truth.Red and Dembe take off before the cops arrive.

Garvey removes his breathing mask at the hospital but it's unclear if he told her about the duffel bag as she leans over. Then Liz and Jennifer watch him being wheeled into surgery.


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Red: I feel confident
Liz: Why is that?
Red: God doesn't want me and the devil isn't finished.

Liz: Tom died for a reason. You know why, and you won't tell me.
Red: I won't tell you something that is none of your business. It was none of Tom's business. You may feel entitled to know what it is because he died trying to figure out what was but you're not.