"The Bachelor Party"

On Counting On Season 2 Episode 17, Jeremy's bachelor party and Jinger's bachelorette parties bring together friends and family after many weeks of wedding planning.

On Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 12, we're in Cancun. And Kimbella has questions about Yandy's dedication to Juelz.

Diane and Lucca Handle a Case - The Good Fight

On The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 3, Maia visits her dad in prison, Diane does her best to work with Lucca as they face off against assistant district attorney, Colin Morello.

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On Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 2, Stevie J and Joseline sit down to talk. For the first time in six months.

Coming To a Head - Mary Kills People
"Morning Glory"

On Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 6, things come to a head for Mary and her off the books practices on the series' first season finale.

Reconsidering Her Operation - Mary Kills People
"The Judas Cradle"

On Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 5, after the consequences of recent events, Mary seriously considers giving up her operations for good.

Going Home - Mary Kills People
"Raised by Wolves"

On Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 4, Ben goes with Mary to her childhood home and learns about her past, while Des is a victim of police misconduct.

Mary Gets Blackmailed - Mary Kills People
"Wave the White Flag"

On Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 3, Grady blackmails Mary into breaking a patient out of the hospital, while Mary has a confrontation with Ben.

The Learning Center - Bull
"Make Me"

On Bull Season 1 Episode 20, Danny and Chunk go undercover at a cult-like learning center in order to defend a client accused of murdering his father.

Charlotte Contemplates - Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14
"Candy Morningstar"

On Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14, Lucifer finally returns home with a mystery woman that doesn't make Chloe or anyone else very happy.