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I'm watching you Elizabeth.


Liz: Now what do you believe?
Red: That a sinner can also be a saint.

Is there a force in the universe more powerful than a mother's love for her child?


A few thieves have been among the most honorable men I know.


Dembe: Someone knows you're here.
Red: Goody. I was just starting to feel at home.

Tom if I wanted to get rid of you, I'd put the bullet in your head myself.


Eww. What are you eating? It smells like duck.


By the way, what's with the boots? You guys do a lot of riding?


Ressler: I know this isn't politically correct right now to say this, but cops don't kill people they protect them.
Harold: Most of them do. The ones that let anger and emotion, prejudice and carelessness affect their behavior are every good cop's worst nightmare.

I'm scared of you. Now more than ever. Of who you are because it might be who I am too.


Liz: It's amazing. How did you convince the owner to let you use it?
Red: I haven't, but I will. Sometimes being notorious has its perks.

Red: I hope Harold is still in the office. Can you call him?
Liz: And say what?
Red: That we need his checkbook. We're throwing a party.

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The Blacklist Quotes

Like deep fried butter, I am unhealthy, yet irresistible.


Cooper: You have my attention.
Red: Were you wrong?
Cooper: I was wrong.