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Liz [to ghost Tom}: I know now that those bones in that bag are Raymond Reddington's. The real Raymond Reddington. My father. I know that this man is an imposter. Why he came into my life. Why he took your life. Why he spent the last 30 years pretending to be Raymond Reddington I'm going to figure all that out and then I'm going to destroy him.
Tom: Be careful, Liz. This man, whoever he is, he's dangerous.
Red: I know he is, but I'm not alone. I have help.
Jennifer: You ready?
Liz: Oh, yeah. I'm ready.

I got to the truth that you and so many people died to expose.


Sutton: What is the truth?
Red: The truth is that I am not...

Dembe: God only gives you burdens you can carry. Losing Raymond and Elizabeth -- couldn't carry that.
Aram: I feel the same way about Samar.
Dembe: Then you have nothing to worry about.

My life for hers. That was the agreement.


Whatever this is, it's yours. I should have respected that.


There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking at the video.


You're a fugitive. I'm a cop. You get in my way, I swear to God, I'll arrest you.


If you had asked me to marry you, my love, the answer would have been yes.


If you kill her, we will kill you.


You know it's awful, but people do tend to associate a thick neck with a low IQ.


Liz: I brought you here to help find Samar, not hunt for the duffel bag.
Red: I offered Harold my assistance. Now, I'm just juggling.

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The Blacklist Quotes

Red: I feel confident
Liz: Why is that?
Red: God doesn't want me and the devil isn't finished.

Is it just me or is the human race armed with religion, poisoned by prejudice, and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear, galloping pell-mell back to the Dark Ages? Who on Earth is hurt by a little girl going to school or a child being gay?