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We may not have bigger lives but we have each other.

Elizabeth [to Raymond]

We're going to forego your offer to surrender. Wish us luck.

Raymond [to Cornelius]

Cassandra, do you know what this means? The butler did it.

Raymond [to Cassandra]

Thanks for coming. We have so many questions.

Raymond [to Turk]

What I see right in front of me is someone I misjudged.

Raymond [to Cassandra]

Well, you really know how to show a girl a good time.

Cassandra [to Raymond]

Cassandra: Do you remember what happened the last time you knocked on my door at 2 a.m.?
Raymond: Yes, you shot at me.
Cassandra: I thought you were someone else.
Raymond: You thought I was your husband.
Cassandra: I like committing crimes of passion. Want to commit one now?

Let's all take a breath and remember we're friends.


Margo: Reddington, you dapper don.
Raymond: Margo, you're a Viking.

Hello, Cassandra. You're looking like the best of times.

Raymond [to Cassandra]

Victoria: Who are you?
Raymond: A man on a quest.

Forgers don't have to be great artists, just great engineers.

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The Blacklist Quotes

Perhaps this day can be salvaged after all.


Victoria: Who are you?
Raymond: A man on a quest.