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It turns out you are due for a reckoning and Elizabeth Keen and I are coming to deliver one.

Townsend [to Red]

Panabaker: I can't unsee what I saw.
Harold: Of course you can. People do it everything day.

This certainly makes me reconsider my dislike of cell phones.

Red [to Liz]

I don't know how the magic works.


Red: Whoever is dead, I didn't kill him.
Harold: I don't believe you.
Red: That's your problem.

Neville. I am Elizabeth Keen.

Liz [to Townsend]

A war criminal and an international terrorist. Your parents must be proud.

Aram [to Chemical Mary]

I'm not the same either. I'm better. And I think you're the reason why.

Red [to Harold]

Harold: There has to be a reason.
Charlene: I can think of three reasons. You're loving, you're decent, you're kind.

Anne: I know nothing about you. I've been doing all the talking.
Red: I think it's been divine.

Anne: Some people like to live dangerously.
Red: Yes, some do.

Harold: I do what I do for the greater good.
Red: And I see that as admirable. But the governor might see that as situational.

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