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A guy comes home from work and calls Red but gets shot and killed. He had something for Red.

Aram is feeling guilty about the witness getting killed. Ressler asks Aram about a ring he has for Samar. It's not an engagement ring though and Ressler warns him she'll think it is.

Red is cooking. He gives Liz information about the guy (Jerry Jawal) that was killed. He was going to give Red a list of Nash Syndicate ledger.

Liz gives the Task Force information about Jawal.

Red goes to a racist bar looking for Coogan. he finds him in the bathroom. This is the guy responsible for Jawal's death. 

At his wake, the daughter gets a text. She goes outside to meet a girl. It turns out that she help set up her own father's death because he did something to her according to this Anna.

Anna meets with another girl and is going to kill someone for her. The only payment she wants is for the girl to pay it forward and tell others about her services.

Liz and Amar go to a lab to see someone about the ambush against the witness. Amar talks to Liz about the ring and asks her her advice. Amar is as confused as ever.

The girl from earlier gets home, and her dad gives her a hard time. He doesn't seem like such a bad guy until later when he goes into her room and gets in bed with her. Seriously WTF. Is this her father?

Ressler and Samar meet with Jawal's wife which is the daughter. So it's guys who marry young women. Sick! The girl is only 16.

Samar really digs in the questioning and the girl gets weirded out. Aram finds some information on her computer -- a child bride support group. And then a guardian angel who is also known as Anna.

Harold wants them to find out more about this guardian angel, but Samar thinks they should drop it. She doesn't think that it's a bad thing that someone is killing men who are marrying children.

Turns out Jawal's wife is pregnant.

Liz talks to Red about Rava. Red visits Rava in the hospital. He wants the name of the guardian angel and he presses her by telling him Jerry was a drug dealer. Rava tells him all she knows.

The other girl calls Anna and tells her to take care of her husband.

Aram found more information about the kidnapper. The guy he finds is a guy who works for Red that Liz ran into earlier in the day. She cant' deal with it.

Harold tells Samar and Ressler about the girl's husband. Dale Rayburn.

Liz storms into Red's place accusing him of kidnapping the witness that could identify Garvey. She pushes him against the wall. He tells her the truth that he wants the duffel bag and then he'll kill Garvey.

Samar goes to Tara's school to find out information to try to convince her to tell Anna to stop it, but it's already too late. Anna puts a bomb by Tara's husband window but Ressler protects him. Anna gets away.

Garvey learns that the witness is still alive.

Liz and Aram tell Harold about Tony, the witness and are trying to find him.

Ressler learns about Anna who married at 13 to an American businessman. Ressler and Samar head to the house. Anna was in the apartment but ran when the cops shows up. Samar is after her. Anna has nowhere to go. Anna tells Samar her story. She was raped and reported it and then forced her to marry the man.

Samar tells her own story about her parents died when she was 9. She had a cousin who married when she was young. This is why she has a vested interest. Samar promises her she'll help her.

Liz and Aram are at an airport talking to a guy who says he saw Tony. It turns out to be a set up by Garvey who wants Liz but Red and his men show up and save her.

Samar advocates for Anna.

Liz doesn't accept Red's apology. He tells her he told Garvey if he touched Liz he'd kill him. Liz thanks Red for saving her life.

He wants to her to ask a question for her. US attorney says she'll be charged as a juvenile and she could be out by the time she's 21. Samar is awesome.

Red, Dembe and Liz search a dumpster for the ledger. 

Aram gives Samar the ring. She loves it. He's trying to figure out if she wants to get married.

Red calls Garvey and tells him he's got something of his that's valuable. He has the ledger.



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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

To make a hate crime look like a robbery? Now I have indigestion.


Red: I hope you have indigestion.
Liz: No. But if it makes you feel better, I'm in a bad mood.