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A security guard is buried alive after a body of Hinkley, a diamond smuggler, is stolen. Tani drops off Koa at his first day at a construction job. Danny and Steve have their tools stolen from their restaurant. Steve assigns Pua to recover them, because they have no insurance. Adam recruits Jessie Nomura, just out of prison, to become his confidential informant. She turns him down. Danny and Steve go to Jerry to try to figure out why someone would dig up bodies. Pua talks to Kamekona to get names of fences. The van that hauled away the body is found, along with the disemboweled corpse. Junior suggests Hinkley may have been a mule of some kind. Pua found the pawn broker that had the tools, but he had sold them already. A glove inside the van had a fingerprint for Voss, a diamond smuggler. Danny and McGarrett decide that a mortician may have stolen the diamonds inside Hinkley. Adam finds Koa passed out in a porta-potty, and drives him to get help. Adam takes him to Noelani, so the police won't get called. She uses Narcan to save him. Five-0 arrives at the mortician's house. He makes the mistake of pulling his gun and gets shot dead. He had swallowed the diamonds to smuggle them off the island. Adam calls Tani, and she rushes to see Koa, who is alive. He admits that he's been taking drugs for about a year, and she wants to send him to rehab. Pua finds the tools are being used by a family rebuilding their home after a wildlife. So he tells McGarrett and Danny that his lead fizzled out. Jessie is waiting for Adam when he gets home, and she agrees to become his undercover informant.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Danny: Maybe you should get a shock collar for him, have it go off every time he calls you 'sir.'
Steve: Maybe I should get two, one for you every time you say something stupid.

Tani: Look at you. You're like Eliot Ness.
Adam: Yeah. But I don't know who my Al Capone is.