Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14 Review: Nā keiki a Kalaihaohia

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You can't go too wrong starting with a little grave-robbing, especially when you combine that with an incidental murder.

A pedestrian case of the week wrapped up early left room for the development of other storylines on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14.

Adam's New Confidential Informant - Hawaii Five-0

Let's dispatch the main storyline rather quickly, just like the writers did.

This case was largely played for laughs, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Foremost was Danny, back in fine form after being too long gone or in the background. 

When McGarrett asked the rhetorical "What do we know about" the missing corpse, Danny read right off his tombstone.

Then Danny and McGarrett approached Jerry to find out what a thief might do with a corpse; it allowed Jerry to show off the sheer depth of his knowledge of weirdness. Somehow McGarrett came out of that thinking Santeria was a viable possibility.

Even Junior tried to get into the act with his "Alien" joke. He deserves points for trying that while standing over a disemboweled body, if not for execution. But if he hangs around McGarrett, Danny, and Grover along enough, he'll get the hang of humor.

Why a body coming back from Africa didn't scream "diamond mule" to Five-0, I don't know. They were briefly on the right track, only to get soon derailed.

A lot of coincidence led to a solved case and a dead killer. A fingerprint inside a glove revealed the killer. Noelani's autopsy found sutures which showed the mortician's involvement. The mortician's confession led to the showdown outside his house, where the fool Voss drew on way too many officers.

Having an American Idol winner alumni as your main villain doesn't exactly scream dramatic gravitas. The list of those that have successfully become actors stops after Jennifer Hudson and Kat McPhee.

Tracking Stolen Goods - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14

Solving that sparkling case quickly left time for other developments.

Best was Adam's recruitment of Jessie as his confidential informer.

You can't blame her for being suspicious of the hottie wanting to pick her up at the prison gate.

Adam made a good pitch, but she was rightfully too cautious to jump at what she perceived to be a death sentence. It may yet be that.

It's amazing how quickly Adam has taken to his new job, using all the skills he learned as a Yakuza member as a force for good. He found the perfect person to infiltrate the gang in which he's interested.

Jessie proved she's resourceful. She did her due diligence on Adam and found out who she was dealing with. In the end, she knew that she could put her trust in him.

Let's just hope they keep them in a boss/employee relationship and don't mess with the memory of Kono.

Making Plans - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14

Then there was the real mystery: who took Danny and McGarrett's tools?

McGarrett selected the right man for the job: the conscientious, stolid Pua.

He doggedly worked the case, pumping Kamekona for information, once he got the hang of that relationship, and intimidating the pawnbroker. But Pua melted when he saw the poor family trying to rebuild their life after a wildfire claimed their home. Those people needed the tools more than McGarrett and Danny.

We got a much-needed argument between McGarrett and Danny, with each blaming the other for the missing tools.

And Danny was correct that they need to bring someone in to ride herd on the restaurant project, whether it be another owner as Danny suggested or someone to oversee the building process. It shouldn't take longer to build the restaurant than it will remain open.

It's an opportunity to bring someone else into the mix, whether it's someone old (Kamekona has experience in the restaurant game) or someone brand new. Either one could stand to have a love interest who we see more than once a year.

Happy Time - Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14

Finally, there was the dramatic confrontation between Tani and Koa.

Poor Tani. She was so excited that Koa was on the path to the straight and narrow only to have him overdose in the construction site's Porta-potty.

She was so afraid to lose the only relative she has left in the world. She has the right idea to get Koa into rehab, but I don't know how she will accomplish that on a rookie cop's salary. Maybe it's time to open up to her boss or one of her senior officers.

It's a rerun next week (encore sounds classier than a repeated airing should). So let's instead suggest which storylines should be pursued. Adam and organized crime remain on the front burner. I'd like for them to return to the victim turned serial killer.

Also, I'd like an episode spotlighting Noelani. She's been great in the scene or two she gets each week, but how about she gets more, so her character can develop?

To hold you over for the next couple of weeks, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Which storyline did you like the best? Will Jessie prove a worthwhile addition? What should Tani do about Koa? Comment below.

Nā keiki a Kalaihaohia Review

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Danny: Maybe you should get a shock collar for him, have it go off every time he calls you 'sir.'
Steve: Maybe I should get two, one for you every time you say something stupid.

Tani: Look at you. You're like Eliot Ness.
Adam: Yeah. But I don't know who my Al Capone is.