Not of you has the right to complain. You're not a woman sharing a bathroom with three dudes.


I had to pay for the booze, and the Williams are a family of drinkers.

Future Grover [to Future Danny]

Bomb squad officer: It's a motion-sensitive bomb.
Tani: Cool, cool, cool. So I probably shouldn't have slammed a chair against the glass.
Bomb squad officer: No, that wasn't a good idea.
Tani: Sorry, it's my first bomb.

Are you related to McGarrett or something? This sounds like something he would come up with.

Grover [to bomb squad officer]

Danny's a fighter. He's going to be all right.

Adam [to Eric]

Old Danny: I would have changed my partner.
Old McGarrett: I love you too, buddy. Hey, do me a favor. Blow it out your ass.

You have to test them [the cookies] out. Quality control.

Adam [to Charlie]

Charlie: Is the crazy guy Uncle Steve?
Danny: What gave it away, the crazy guy part or the policeman part?

Grover: What are you going to do, write a letter to Santa Claus and threaten to put them on the naughty list?
McGarrett: Very funny.

All of us have taken fire behind enemy lines. So do you really think we can't handle a couple of Santas?


Kekoa: Never been in uniform?
Jerry: Unless you count high school band, no.

[The badge] is heavier than you'd thought it would be, isn't it?

Jerry [to Junior]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

I'm going to miss your wit.

Wake [to Grover]

Max: I know it's not as elaborate as we had planned.
Sabrina: Max come here.
Max: [leans down]
Sabrina: [whispers] Its perfect [kisses his cheek]