McGarrett: Well, we can't have Danny Williams driving his own car.
Catherine: Like he ever did.

You saved my life when you met me.

Grover [to McGarrett]

You know jealousy is not pretty on you.

Danny [to McGarrett]

Danny: If I had a dollar for every time you saved my life, I'd have 20 bucks.
McGarrett: You'd have a lot more.
Danny: Maybe 25.

McGarrett: Hey, buddy. I thought I lost you there, man.
Danny: Nah. You can't get rid of me that easy.

Hey! Why'd you stop holding my hand?

Danny [to McGarrett]

That was very McGarrett of you.

Quinn [to Lincoln]

Don't make the same mistake you made with your mother. Don't let another loved one die because of your stubbornness.

Daiyu [to Steve]

After what you did to my car, I think we should exchange insurance information.

Danny [to Daiyu]

Whoever took Danny wanted to keep him alive. So we're going to treat this like a kidnapping, nothing more.


[Catherine] was the one who got away. What are you gonna do?

McGarrett [to Lincoln]

What we do know is that whatever that code means, it's worth a hell of a lot to someone.

Lincoln [to McGarrett]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Tani: That explains the how. It doesn't explain the why.
Grover: Yeah. What could have been on this plane worth killing for?

Grover [to those at the poker game]: It's a little puppy love. He ain't going to over-react to something like that.
McGarrett: Danny? [laughter breaks out.]

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