You see, that kind of information there is the kind of information that makes me smile.


Danny: You like a smart guy now?
Junior: No.

Library visitor: Hey, this is a library!
Tani: And this is a badge. You want to see the gun?
Odell: McGarrett must have recruited you personally.

Manning: They poisoned our families.
McGarrett: I know they did, and they're going to pay for it.

Once you get the urge to pick up a pair of clippers, don't. Call me instead.

Odell [to McGarrett]

McGarrett: Are you picking up on the chemistry that's going on?
Danny: It's like they're married.

Grover: {Samantha's] already blown through her monthly allowance.
Tani: Good beer ain't cheap.

Tani: Would you ask them to spring for a new cocktail dress for me? I have nothing in my closet that screams 'soccer mom.'
Grover: Hell, no.

Now you're pissing me off.

VIto [to Danny]

Who would have thought that the two of you opening a restaurant together would cause all this friction?

Grover [to McGarrett and Danny]

OK. we've got the vic and the murder weapon. Now all we need to do is to figure out who pulled the trigger.


Danny: What the hell happened here?
Kamekona: You want the long or the short version?