Doesn't seem like the Parks family has a lot to be thankful for this year.


All right, turn around and face the fruit salad.


It's all about what you do next, all right?

Junior [to Owen]

We're not done, Preston. We need you to walk us through the last 15 hours and don't leave out any details.

Quinn [to Preston]

Is this going to be disgusting? ... Yes.


I'm about to nominate her for mother of the year.

Tani [to Junior]

Danny: The only way I'm using a stash hole in a tree is if it's on my property.
McGarrett: That leaves George Parks and his three kids.

Tani: I don't suppose you know where Owen lives.
Junior: No, but I know where to start.

Danny: I figure why spend money on a motel when my friend has a spare bedroom?
Junior: He doesn't have a spare bedroom. I sleep there.

You was the only one crying. I had something in my eye.

Grover [to Siobhan]

I'm not gonna lie. Things are about to get much worse for you.

McGarrett [to Gormican]

[Quinn] this salty all the time?

Gormican [to McGarrett]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Danny: Good, let bye-gones be bye-gones, maybe you want to hug it out or fist bump:
Fryer: No, let's just work the case.

Dealer: Game's closed unless you have an invitation.
Grover [holding up his badge]: Here's my invitation. It's even engraved.