Please, You've got to do something. [Danny's] driving me crazy.

Grace [to McGarrett]

McGarrett: I can only imagine what you have been going through, but I can assume you're not ready to give up anytime soon.
Mrs. Kamaka: No.
McGarrett: Well, neither are we.

I still think [Nash] is crazy. But maybe is he a little less so?


Grover: Junior got a transmission out.
McGarrett: My man.

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Danny: What are you doing now, beautiful mind?
McGarrett: I'm doing math.

Danny: Hey, Steve ...
McGarrett: No pep talk. Besides, you suck at it.

One for the road?

Tani [to McGarrett]

Without the sub, there's no way off this lab.


So it's freestyle? Like relationship jazz?

McGarrett [to Danny]

To help me to understand, what, it's not your fault? There are all kinds of things that are never your fault.

Danny [to Rachel]

You're going to wear a hole in the floor.

Rachel [to Danny]

Tani: I don't want to bother Danny by calling incessantly.
Junior: But you don't mind bothering me.
Tani: Not in the least.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Hey, until next time.

Catherine [to McGarrett]

Chin Ho Kelly: Who put me in here?
Sang Min: Someone who wants you to suffer before you die.