I have to say, after working with you, I am very excited by the concept of boring.

Gabe [to Harry]

Hey, John McClain.


Besides, if I need a gun, I'll just borrow one from the kidnappers.


Man, a spy really should have a stronger password.

Tani [to Harry]

Harry: Drive it like you stole it.
Junior: If you insist.

Harry: It could be someone I pissed off over the years.
Junior: I suppose that's a very long list.

To be incriminated in a real-life murder investigation is a little bit of a thrill.


McGarrett: We just came from there.
Danny: Well, you love reading.

I trust you, OK?

McGarrett [to Adam]

Grover: Before you ask, a whole lot of bodies dropping in those books.
McGarrett: So we're thinking this is just the beginning?

That's very Cyrano of you.

McGarrett [to Harry]

Danny: You wrote a book in two weeks and someone gave you a million dollars.
Harry: Two million, actually.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Danny: I hate it when rich people get killed.
Steve: Why?
Danny: They have something everybody wants.
Chin Ho: Which means plenty of suspects.

Thanks Fong, you're a geek god!