Kate: He's a devil, Tommy. He's going to use you.
Tommy: Like you use me for coke?
Kate: My son is smarter than this. Just you wait, I'll be right. Love you.

Angela: I'm supposed to be this great prosecutor. Here I am, colluding with you to cover up a fucking murder.
Tasha: I just came from church so.

Some mistakes are made to be forgiven.

Keisha [to Tommy]

The next time you feel you need to kill somebody so damn bad, why don't you kill Kanan instead.

Tasha [to Ghost]

Kanan: So when you find out you got a dad?
Tommy: I don't know. Not long ago.
Kanan: So, don't trip and don't waste it. I ain't never had one. I don't know, go to a ball game or some shit.
Tommy: Fuck you, man.
Kanan: Y'all can play catch or something.

Newsflash! Everybody like everybody more than they like Dre. Facts.

Kanan [to 2-Bit]

Tommy: Killing the Jimenez should be our top priority.
Ghost: No, I'd rather shoot Dre in the face.

I got a question for you. Why you can't stay off the fucking tv? I mean, you do understand the concept of being a criminal, right Ghost?


I'm going to make better choices from now on Mom, I promise.


Sorry about your kid.

Kanan [to Ghost]

Tommy: What the fuck happened with the job?
Kanan: Turn your volume down, motherfucker. My boys did they part. They said Dre saw them coming like somebody warned him or something. Took off running like a little bitch. Your Italian boys fucked this up.
Tommy: Bullshit.

You know, don't pretend you're a decent guy who cares about his clients, Joe. I do know you care about your daughter. How you gonna take care of her if you can't practice law?


Power Quotes

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.


Listen to me, a fine woman who knows she fine is trouble. Now that bitch bad. And she knows she bad. So you watch your back.

Kanan [to Shawn]