I know I haven't always been the best husband, but everything will be different now.


Not everything is about Wall Street, Ben.


Red: Ella and I agree on almost nothing, isn't that right?
Ella: It is. You are the devil.
Red: And she's a bitch.

Stone: Everyone's got a cross to bear, Naz, pardon the expression. Fuck 'em all. Live your life.
Naz: Thank you for what you did for me.
Stone: Don't mention it.

Safar: I spent a lot of time sitting on this bed while you were gone. I'm so happy you're home.
Naz: You thought I killed her.
Safar: Never.
Naz: OK mom. [walks out]

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Judge: So, Mrs. Weiss, what's your pleasure? Shall we empanel a new jury for retrial? Say, next week?
Mrs. Weiss: No, your Honor. My office declines to prosecute further.
Stone [to Naz}: You're free. You get to go home.

Pharmacist: Oh, we've got your Viagra now.
Stone: I don't give a fuck anymore.
Pharmacist [chuckles]: That's a good one.

I want him. No one else will ever know me like that. I'll never let them.

Angela [to Paz]

I ain't working with that Tony the tiger looking motherfucker, Dre.


I know this means a lot to you, James. Get the money.


Look at Angela. You'll find the proof. She's involved.


Ghost: Remember we talked about it. Real men apologize.
Tariq: So you want me to apologize to her like I did to your side bitch, right?