Jeff: Doctor Wishbone! I'd like to volunteer for your a speriment.
Doctor: Oh I would love to have a human test subject. But, you should know there's a 99% chance you'll end up brain-dead.
Jeff: Uhhh, 99 out of a million? I think I'll take my chances.

Jeff: What kind of experiment is the Doctor working on anyway?
Stan: Eh, some kind of experimental surgery to increase or some crap.
Jeff: Do you think he could do it to me?
Stan: Dumb guy like you? I could see why you'd be interested, but he still hasn't perfected the operation.

Maddox: I don't want you to use Finola on this mission, tactically.
Bryan: Finola's capable. I trust her instincts. There's no way she would ever not be one of the first people through the door to retrieve her father.
Maddox: You're going to have to find a way. This isn't a retrieval for you, Bryan. George Jones doesn't come out of this alive.

Bryan: INFLUX has learned everything they can from George. He's not a risk to us now. We can learn things from him.
Maddox: This is what we're doing. Bryan, I know how hard this is. I know how hard this is to ask.
Bryan: Does the team know?
Maddox: Shaw knows. He's all you need.

Finola: You need to tell me right now. How are you alive?
George: From what I understand, they took me from the morgue, and I was reanimated. They can only do it to a person once. I had no idea that the debris had these capabilities. They went in through my eye.

Finola: I really understand how important your work is to you. I just wished there was room in there for me. That's it.
George: I'm sorry I wasn't the father you needed, Finola. But now, this isn't about you or me or our relationship. This is about your children's children. This is about making rice in fields that should be barren. This is about regrowing forests in, in, in days, rather than decades, making the world harmonious and having no wants. This is about restoring balance to a world that is on fire. That's what this is about! And the only ones who can usher these things in are the beings that created this debris, beings that we may never. They gave us the gift of their technology, and it's going to take all of that technology to save mankind.
Finola: Yeah. Well, I um.
George: Maybe I made mistakes. I viewed the world in a particular way, and now it's all out of control. Do you understand? You are so important to me, and now I, I have a chance to set things right with you and with what I've done.

Finola: Ferris told me there's going to be a team waiting to ambush the convoy to take my father and I back to London.
Bryan: That doesn't matter if he's dead.
Finola: What? What do you mean?
Bryan: Maddox doesn't want your father coming out of this raid alive.

Shaun: The world is harder for women. I want to change that but I don't know how.
Lea: By being an amazing dad to our daughter. By letting her know she is loved and supported, we'll raise her to be strong.

Judd: You do have a problem. My wife Grace is the best person I've known. Her life's work is saving lives. Her life's work is saving people. If she saved one life per shift, and that's conservative, then by my estimation, she saved 2050 lives, she saved 2051, if you want to count me, right? Which she saved numeral times. So a piece of trash like you gets to snuff her out and live? What does that mean?
Owen: Judd, that's enough, let him go!
Judd: Why?
Mr. Williams: Because Gracie's awake, son. She's awake, Judd. And the first person she asked for was you. She needs you son.
Owen: Hey, hey!
Judd: Grace just saved your life too. She just saved your life too.

MMA Fighter: I'm gonna get through this.
Park: Doesn't mean you should. This is dumb. You''re acting like an idiot because you're less afraid of pain and nausea than of being exposed.. You've built up a perfect facade and you'll kill yourself trying to maintain it. Come on. It's not the body that made you strong.
MMA Fighter: Tell that to my fans and my sponsors.
Park: I think you should. Come on, man, you were brave when you were that fat little kid who was getting picked on and decided to do something different. Don't let that kid down now.

Mr. Williams: The question to you, son, is what are you willing to sacrifice for my daughter?
Judd: Whatever it takes.
Mr. Williams: I was hoping you'd say that. You see for generations this family has been marching for its destiny. I'm afraid that can't happen if you're apart of it.
Judd: OK, what it comes down to is that I'm the wrong color.
Mr. Williams: Oh no no no, I'm not talking about your skin, Judd. I'm talking about the color of your collar.

The medical establishment is not interested in women like Jean. They're ignoring her symptoms.