Go back to bed, Fraser.


Sarah: End whatever is going on between you two.
Maggie: It's over.

Sarah: Was it like the other times?
Maggie: It was nothing.

You should get them moved to somewhere else.


Tina: I've never gone a day without talking to you.
Ginger: Be strong for me, and I'll be strong for you.

Eugene's world ain't ours, Franklin.

Young Margaret

You can control her? Who's running this Holy War? If I go down, everyone goes down.


I just wish Margaret could love me back. I just wish I felt like any of 'em knew how to love me back.


Mark: Who even are you to these people?
Franklin.  I can ask you the same thing.
Mark: No, I didn't mean it like that. I've just never been around this much money before, and I've never met people like any of you. Not you, you seem cool, but the Monreauxs -- if they don't want to deal with people, they just throw money at them to make them go away.
Franklin: Oh, they try.

Ginger: You only protect yourself. We kids are just collateral damage.
Margaret: No that is not true, Ginger.

Franklin, I need you to come home.


Tina: The past is too big a burden. If I'm ever going to be well, I can't drag it along with me.
Franklin: Don't I know it.