Chad: I heard you on the phone just now. Who were you talking to?
Abigail: Oh, just la familia. Did you hear me, Chad? I said "la familia."
Chad: I heard you. Are you testing me?
Abigail: Damn right I am. I love you and I need to make sure you're okay.

You can lock me up forever and I still will not reverse the procedure!


Brady: Where's Nicole?
Eric: She went to New York on business.
Brady: What business?
Eric: Basic Black business. It was a last minute thing. She left last night.
Brady: Eric, Basic Black doesn't have any operations in New York. All of our offices are in Los Angeles.

Leo: Can I just say one more thing?
Sonny: What?
Leo: April Fools!

So we’re going to stay at my grandpa’s house since he moved to an old folks' home. My Mom and Dad say we’re there to be near him but I think it’s because it’s free and we don’t have anywhere else to go.


What are you going to report on in Eric Harbor anyway? An American flag that beats up an apple pie?


You want to know the best way to keep a secret? Pretend there isn’t one.

Penny Gillis

Hilde: I don’t understand. You used to take me out and cover homicides in the South Bronx all the time.
Matt: Yeah, well, that’s because we couldn’t afford a babysitter.

Principal Kim Collins: You and I both know that the world isn’t always kind to trouble makers.
Bridget: Especially little girls. If a little boy did what Hilde did he wouldn’t be in trouble, he’d be the school president.

She’s not like any other kid. She’s my kid and I’m her mom. So no matter how tired I am or how exhausting it can be to deal with someone who is so tiny and so driven, I am going to make damn sure nobody crushes her dreams.


Nevertheless, I persisted.


Hilde: Why are you helping me?
Officer Trip Johnson: I don’t like when they pat me on the head either.