Simmons: Will it matter if I tell you it's not your fault?
Kristy: Of course it matters, love of my life.

"The charm of fame is so great that we like every object to which it is attached, even death." -- Blaise Pascal


So you would have us believe that all your visitors are doing is getting off?

Simmons [to Galina]

I can't say anything. It's a surprise. But when this is all over, everyone's going to remember your son's name.

Rask [to his mother]

If you think that dominatrix face is better than a poker face, it ain't.

Rossi [to Galina]

Not even I can create something as monstrous, as evil, as you.


I’m a monster. Why would you want to help me?


Galina's website spoke to me. I'd be on them and I'd realize I'm not alone.


Tate: I'm so sorry for everything.
Violet: I know.

This one shattered me beyond recovery. Michael made me believe that my presence here meant something. That I mattered.


"Children have never been very good about listening to their elders. But they have never failed to imitate them." -- James Baldwin.


Veronica: What are you doing here?
Hiram: Warden Norton is a friend and a business associate. He told me about this little game, and he invited me to see it.
Veronica: And you of course have nothing better to do?
Hiram: And as disrespectful as you are being to me, I won’t let you flush your life down the drain for a boy. A criminal. And I think you’ll find that after today, you’ll no longer be allowed to visit Archie Andrews.
Veronica: I get it! Warden Norton is in your pocket. Everyone is in your pocket, except for me and Archie. You won’t keep us apart. For right now, I need to go cheer my boyfriend on a victory. If you’ll excuse me!