My family's still dead, Rittenhouse survived and it's all your fault.

Flynn [to Flynn]

Maybe we're not meant to be a team after all, and if so, that makes you expendable.

Flynn [to Lucy]

We're going to get her back.

Rufus [to Wyatt]

Rufus: Crackerjack. I used to love these as a kid.
George: As a kid? Those debuted at the Fair yesterday.

Houdini: I clear my head and think one single thought.
Lucy: What's the thought?
Houdini: Escape.

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By the way, you've just been saved by the great Harry Houdini. See my show if you can.

Houdini [to Edison, Ford and Morgan]

Well, Lucy, I wish I could say this was fun, but I'd be lying.


A magician never reveals her secrets.

Lucy [to Houdini]

Lucy: For the record, I knew you guys were going to save me.
Wyatt: Well, technically, I think you saved us.
Lucy: Technically, you're right. Not bad for a civilian.
Wyatt: Not bad at all.

Can I keep him?


I picked a side, Conor. You should pick one too.


If you want to know if you're a worthy romantic partner, ask yourself.