Deimos: I'm sorry.
Nicole: Not as sorry as I am to hear that you haven't changed at all.

But now you're free. So you can either continue to live like a cornered animal or you can make decisions that benefit you.


Hope, nothing we have experienced is normal.


Andre: I realize that policemen are suspicious by nature, but I assure you I do not have a hidden agenda.
Rafe: You wanna take a polygraph on that?

If you can't be open with me, how are we to move forward?


Try to lose that self-righteous tone, will you, Rafe? We both know full well who killed my father.


Deimos: I'm not worried about Kate.
Nicole: No? Have you done any research on her, at all? Any at all? That woman always lands on her feet, believe me.

You said you'd changed. A whole new outlook, remember?


If she wants to die, she should run. If she wants to live, she should stay with me.


It's about principles now and you know I'm very principled.


I said welcome to America, I never said it was going to be easy.


Alison: You're ruining the film.
Cindy: I thought you didn't even like it.
Alison: Well, I love it now.