Jessica: Why haven't you been seeing your therapist?
Malcolm: Good morning, mother. Nice ambush.

Both my kids are in such a good place. I've never felt prouder.


Just the life of a serial killer's son. A psycho- Rollercoaster. You wouldn't understand. 


Please, I don't meddle, I mother.


It's Gil. Ask him about mom. Does he let you wear his Turtlenecks?


Malcolm Bright. Always crossing the line.


Gil: Jess what is going on here? We were talking. We had plans. I thought we had a real thing going. I know you came to see me at the hospital. You signed the guest book. What happened?
Jessica: I'm cursed.
Gil: You overhead Dani and me.
Jessica: She wasn't wrong. I'm broken. My marriage to Martin, this world I grew up in, it has shattered me. And anyone who tries to get close gets cut.
Gil: That's not true. 
Jessica: Gil, you were stabbed because of me, and if we' were to try to do this for real, I would feel that worrying guilt every waking moment.
Gil: What guilt? Jess, Jess you saved me. 
Jessica: Then let me save you again. You should go. Please. 

Malcolm: I'm the one who decided to dispose of Endicott's body, to lie to Ainsley, cover the whole thing up. That was me.
Martin: Or maybe it was me.
Malcolm: Shows that you possessed me? 
Martin: Isn't that what parenting is? Your mother and I, we have the power that compels you. I mean usually to brush your teeth or pay your bills, but you knew exactly what your sister needed. You knew how to save her because of -- 
Malcolm: You. You're a part of me.
Martin: Yes, I am. You haven't always appreciated that but uh...
Malcolm: I'm coming to terms with it, and that's a good thing.
Martin: Son, I'm, well, I'm speechless. 
Malcolm: It's not a good thing for you, Dr. Whitly. See, I know you're there now, and I can lock you up, tune you out, even leave you behind.

JT: If I escalate this, who's to say things don't get worse? You think I'm wrong?
Gil: Can I be straight? I don't know. Nothing about this is right. 

Dani: Are you any different? You've been on edge lately. Even for you. You want to talk about it?
Malcolm: I'm fine. Really. 
Malcolm: How about you? It's bad out there.
Dani: It's always bad. Difference is people are paying attention. It's like they just realized that the world is racist and cops target Black people. JT and me don't get a pass. 

JT: Every damn day for ten years I put my life on the line like any other cop here, but those guys just saw a Black man, and they put a gun in his face.
Dani: The union needs to hear that. This doesn't end unless we end it.
Malcolm: You're not alone JT.
JT: I have to protect my job, my family.
Dani: This is my family. 
JT: I know. I'll take care of it. 

Malcolm: Oh, I was, um, asleep.
Dani: yeah we noticed.
Malcolm: Why are you wearing body armor?
Dani: Because you fell asleep. Your nightmares are pretty epic.
Malcolm: Yeah, tell me about it.