May: Looks like you had a rough landing!
Coulson: Yeah, can’t recommend the airline. Inexperienced pilots, a lot of turbulence. Ran out of pretzels in coach!

Simmons [about the Zephyr]: Fitz! Your design really withstood the test of time!
Deke: Oh, you designed this? Man, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to fly.
Fitz: Technically, I’m the engineer, not the pilot.
Deke: Oh. [beat] Well, that’s still cool, I guess.

Flint: I don’t get it. Doesn’t the ax make it harder to shoot?
Mack: Well, it makes it easier to chop heads off!

We *do* go back. Robin told me how. We can save everyone. Just one question, though. Who’s Flint?


Shawn: Is there any chance we could just, you know, eat?
Jack: Yeah, this food is delicious…
Jamie: Not going to happen.

No, I'm not defending her. She took a legitimate complaint but she voiced it in the wrong way.


Mario Vangelis: So where did we meet, Sweetheart?
Baez: I was with the Organized Crime Control Bureau. You were the organized criminal.

Nicky: I think you're taking this personally.
Frank: A flag just like that one draped your uncle's coffin. Yeah, it's personal.

Nicky: I feel like such an idiot.
Frank: Then remember that feeling and learn from it.

I don't mind tough questions as long as my answers are printed accurately without any shade or shine.


Tani: Look at you. You're like Eliot Ness.
Adam: Yeah. But I don't know who my Al Capone is.

No pressure. This is the most important case you'll ever work.

Steve [to Pua]