Noah: What about God? You took your vows before God.
Anna: God has been very quiet on the subject.

Besides, right now I am all you have.

Noah [to Valerie]

God has forsake us, Noah. But I will make sure our children survive.

Anna [to Noah]

[Noah] stopped being my father the day he left.

Isaak [to Estrada]

What kind of a man are you?

Eva [to Noah]

Val, make this as hard on me as you want. But for the sake of your son, make it easy on him.

Wyatt [to Valerie]

Augustus: You deserve better.
Anna: I am an excommunicated cleaning woman. You deserve better.

You may have to disappear in a hurry. We have two ways of dealing with that. Only one involves a plane ticket. It's up to you.

Estrada [to Anna]

You take care of Tina then we'll have our special day.

Augustus [to Anna]

Noah: In that moment, I was more afraid of myself than I was of that man.
Abel: Well, it just means that you're alive, brother.

Your sin was great and so is your penance.

Augustus [to Noah]

Carlo: This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Danny: This has been a very strange day.