Rosie, I need your help. I think someone is trying to kill me.


You're amazing and still so generous with your words.


I like to go where I'm needed.


Pippy: Please tell me my eyes are not seeing this.
Donna: Didn't I teach you how to knock?

GiGi: You and Detective Villa were having a moment there.
Rosewood: We get that a lot.
GiGi: I was talking to Dr. Mike.

Hornstock: She's gifted in this department.
Mike: She's gifted in a lot of departments.
Rosewood: He's developing a thing for Villa.
Hornstock: Mikey, you're consulting on a case here, behave accordingly.

Guys like you and me have no business dating a woman like Villa. Sliding her into your rotation isn't going to fly.


I'd really love to hear from you but I accepted that it won't happen.


Villa: So I'm not here for pleasure, I'm here for protection?
Rosewood: Why can't it be both?

[reading LaSalle's expression] How can I be friendly in hell? What else am I gonna do, Detective?


It's not about a *warrant*. It's about the *person* in there.


Pride: NCIS Agent Pride. But folks around this neighborhood call me King.
LaSalle: So I hear. Problem is, only kings I answer to are God Almighty and Elvis.