He has a son? I’ll make sure he suffers, too.


Diggle: I’ll make you one more promise: there’ll be no more secrets between you and me.
Dinah No more secrets.

OK, you weren’t gone that long.


Slade: You should have gone home.
Oliver: I don’t abandon people… even when they leave me drugged.

I just wanted the pain to stop.


I mean not to judge V, at all. But what you are doing is pathetic and vain and and stupid and cringey and trendy and selfish and basic.


I didn't know a friend's suicide attempt was a plus one event.


My friend just tried to kill herself.


Being suicidal has nothing to do with any one life event or person; it comes from a lifelong struggle with mental illness.


Mayor Dutton: What's the course of action?
Frank: A period of suspension.
Mayor Dutton: Define period.
Frank: A length or portion of time.

Danny: Cause when I see a bunch of look-a-like, dress-a-like, dirt bags carrying pipes and bats and sticks and such, I see a gang.
Kyle: We're a force for good.
Danny: No, you're everything you claim to hate only you're too stupid to see it.

You can't ask your troops to follow an order you don't follow yourself.