Help is on it's way, just try to calm down. Adrenaline can do crazy things to perception.

Wu [to a man saved from a Wesen]

They are sucking the Kool-Aid fountain dry!


Don't worry. I can be as good a brainwashed zombie-headed zealot as anybody.


When I was a Hexenbiest, freaky rituals were kinda our thing...


He has motive, if you consider an ancient rain crucifixion motive.


If I knew he was gonna get murdered, I'd have told him not to go!

Homeless Man

Look, Nick, I really think we need to find out who these people are before we sign off on anything.


Some very bad things live a very long time.


If somebody's headed to the bottom they're going to get there no matter how many times you put out a net.


I'll be damned if I'm going to let her sit in the Captain's office sipping hot cocoa while she's being charged with a felony for protecting her friends.


Ok, is there anyone here who didn't kill him?


Marcel: You’re really just gonna come in here and start making demands?
Elijah: Shhh! Marcel, grown ups are talking.