I've never had to ask you twice to do something. Today is not the day to start, James.


James: It’s not safe. We're just targets at a gun range. We need to leave.
Camila: You stay where I say.

Guero: I want to give you what you want.
Teresa: Life doesn't care about what you want. We don't get to choose.
Guero: You can choose now. Chicago's a long way from Dallas. I just want to be together, no matter what.

Epifanio: The Americans care more about their public image than catching criminals. Thank God for their egos.
Colonel Cortez: Except for one. Nothing is more dangerous than a man who won't step out of line.
Epifanio: He's just like the rest of us, he just doesn't know it yet.

Epifanio: I will gladly kill your business, but not you.
Camila: Well, if it wasn't you, then look at your puppet, Cortez. If you can't control your dog, it's best to put him on a leash or put him down.

Inches from death and you're still a charming son of a bitch.


When I lost you, I thought my heart would break. Perhaps it finally has.


Pote: This is one flight that you're not going to get on. You're not going with her, Guero.
Guero: That's not really up to you, my friend.
Pote: Camila doesn't bend. Neither do I. Teresa's a strong woman now, she stands on her own. She's not that little girl you left behind to be raped by Gato.
Guero: You let that happen? You let Epi make that call and you didn't do nothing?
Pote: You can blame me. You can blame Epifano. You're too scared to look yourself in the mirror. You stole from your Padrino. You snitch, and you come here. You want to tear down everything that she fought to rebuild. Huh? If you really care about her, Cabrón, you walk out of here and never come back.

Epifanio: Is there a problem with Isabela?
Camila: Yes, she had a father that lost control of her.
Epifanio: She's home studying.
Camila: She's home with Kiki Jimenez and I can promise you not one book is open. You were supposed to take care of that.

Kelly Anne: You know exactly who I am, and I know exactly what you are which is a drug dealer and a whore, and I'm not just going to stand here and bat my eyelashes while you wreck where I lay my head.
Camila: Do you really think your husband would have an old woman like me when he can have a young beauty like yourself? With the amount of money and power your husband has, he can have any woman he wants.
Kelly Anne: What are you doing up there so late?
Camila: My business runs on a 24 hour clock. It doesn’t stop at six and neither does his billing.

Devon: People don't stay around long when they mess with my business, yet you did it without any hesitation.
Camila: Hesitation is a stutter step. I needed to take a full one. I had to force you to the table somehow.
Devon: Well, you wanted my attention Ms. Vargas. Now you have it.

Guero: If I'm still standing here when Camila comes out, I'm a dead man, and if you're still standing here…
Teresa: She will hunt us both.