I know how you think. You play both sides against the middle. Find someone else to blame.

Alicia [to Dre]

Think about yourself. You know how to do that.

Proctor [to Ghost]

Maybe you can trust me if I actually do change.

Ghost [to Angela]

You never know who you can trust. Power makes people do crazy shit.

Cristobal [to Dre]

Ghost: How'd you know that you could trust Angela with all this?
Tasha: Because she still loves you. She does.

Tommy: Why did you snitch, Riq?
Tariq: Because he helped me get my enemy. He gave me Ray Ray's location.
Tommy: Loyal to your own cause. You sound exactly like Ghost.

First coffee, now this. I can't get sucked back in, Jamie. We can't keep making this a thing. It's not gonna work.

Angela [to Ghost]

Dre's ass gets dropped today.


Ghost: When you're around him, forget you know me, okay?
Tommy: Be like a dream come true.

Man, Ghost got you believing you can't do nothing without him.

Kanan [to Tommy]

Be patient. You created that young man, didn't you? Finding yourself is a bit more difficult. We'll get him.

Simon Stern [to Ghost]

I'll find the Jimenez my goddamn self.


Power Quotes

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.


Ghost: What do you want from me, Tariq, huh? What do you want from me, boy?
Tariq: Teach me the motherfucking game, Ghost.