Tasha: You better be careful. If she makes a mistake she could take us all down. Sure she can handle it?
Tommy: Yeah, she gonna be just fine.

Ghost: Listen. I don't know if it's Tommy because I'm not talking to Tommy no more. But you and I both know, Dre, if it is Tommy, he's fucking it up.
Dre: Facts.

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Trust me, Tommy. Now's not the time to kill Ghost.

Tasha [to Tommy]

Dre: What the fuck am I supposed to do if he's clean?
Saxe: Clean? If St. Patrick is clean, I'm a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

I knew I couldn't trust that you wouldn't do something stupid. And here you are. Proving me right.

Tate [to Ghost]

Raina didn't give a fuck about having her name on some building. That's for you, Ghost. That's about you and your own guilt. She's my daughter, too. You don't own her legacy.


Ghost: Look, I'm trying to be the man you want me to be. I just...shit keeps getting in my way.
Angela: You keep getting in your way.

Ghost: Angie, I tried to kill Tommy.
Angela: But you didn't.
Ghost: But I will.
Angela: I never asked you to kill Tommy. I only asked you why you haven't. Actions make the man, Jamie. So what kind of man are you?

You want to earn our trust? Find me that fucking witness.

Proctor [to Dre]

Tommy: You know what? She's gonna have to get over that shit. It's business.
Tasha: I don't know. She down with you, not me. Used to be the other way around.

Jason: Ghost, I know you need the money. Don't let anything or anyone distract you from remembering my first rule of business.
Ghost: What's that Jason?
Jason: Always repay your debts.

Tariq: So, Ghost hasn't been helping?
Tasha: It's complicated.
Tariq: Let me uncomplicate it then. How much you need?

Power Quotes

Tommy: The only reason you calling me now is because you ain't got nobody. That's why you lost today.
Ghost: Tommy, I say we put our differences aside and take Jason down together.
Tommy: Go fuck yourself. And the next time I see you, Imma cancel Christmas on your ass.

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.