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Power Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Don't Thank Me

Power Review: Don't Thank Me

Now doubting Ghost's guilt, Angela looked to stop the prosecution on Power Season 4 Episode 5, but was it too late?!?
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Power Season 4 Episode 3 Review: The Kind of Man You Are

Power Review: The Kind of Man You Are

Ghost gets tangled up in a blackmail scheme, while Proctor fights to get key evidence thrown out on Power Season 4 Episode 3. Read on for the full review!
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James “Ghost” St. Patrick owns Truth, New York’s hottest, up-and-coming new nightclub for the city’s elite. When he’s not at the club, he’s kingpin of a lucrative drug network. Ghost wants to go legit but once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.

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I told you. I knew your dad a long time. He did that shit. Guilty as fuck.

Kanan [to Tariq]

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.