Tasha: Did you ever love me, Ghost? Or was that all a lie, too?
Ghost: Yeah. I loved you. And a part of me still does. But you never loved this version of me standing in front of you, now did you? Remember? The biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City. That's who the fuck you loved.

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Power Season 6 Episode 15: "Exactly How We Planned "
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Power Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Ghost: Look, I apologize about the other night okay? You made me lose my temper. I won't do it again, but you shouldn't run your mouth off to your son. It's your fault he hates me.
Tasha: My fault? Oh, like it was Kanan's fault before that? Maybe Tariq hates you because you hurt the people you love to get what you want.

Tariq: You snitched on Ghost? Ma, snitches ain't shit!
Tasha: Boy let me tell you something, sometimes you gotta turn somebody in to get them out your way. Your father taught me that.