Teen Wolf Review: The Nogitsune is No Good

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My deepest fears just came to light on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17.

Unless there are even more of the 13 types of Kitsune rambling through the halls of Beacon Hills High School, Stiles is the second and he's the worst -- a Nogitsune, meaning void.

Taking a little trip back in time with Argent to his first solo mission was a pretty cool way to introduce what would become one of the biggest stories to hit Teen Wolf in some time.

The Kitsune myth has surrounded his family for decades and he was completely unaware. Also, apparently, were the Stilinskis. Unless I'm missing something, we just learned Stiles is a Kitsune, which means he's a supernatural, right?

That makes me wonder why Derek could see it keenly on Kira but has never noticed on Stiles. Perhaps by being "void" you would give off no indication at all and that's why an Oni needs to drop by and put what I thought was an inverted 5 behind your ear. Turns out that was an S, to mark "self" and not an imposter (Kitsune trickster spirit -- it must all be in there somewhere).

This hour brought things together really nicely. Without a doubt it was my favorite in quite some time. If you watch Wolf Watch after the show, I could have added "Number of times brought to tears = 4" to their list.

When Kira asked to see Scott's face and then touched it in wonder (the music during this installment was incredible and helped drive tears), again when Stiles called Melissa mom, then when Isaac was silenced with a kiss and an ass grab and finally when I realized it was Stiles who was the Nogitsune. That last one came with a mewling "Noooooo" to accompany the wet eyes.

Seriously, quite embarrassing. 

However, it bears mentioning because it has been so long since things have gelled so completely with the characters. Yes, there are still shippers out there hoping for Scott and Allison to get back together, but the chemistry between Tyler Posey and Arden Cho as well as Daniel Sharman and Crystal Reed is out of this world. 

The way Allison was able to shut up Isaac when he was worried about looking like a silly teenager was so sexy. I can't remember a scene like that between she and Scott. And if you thought Isaac brought new life to a werewolf in a suit, don't be afraid to vote for him in our 17 Hottest Werewolves poll... yowl!

Scott's pack is taking shape whether he likes it or not. Aiden and Ethan taking it upon themselves to ride his flank as protection detail to get on his good side was nifty while it lasted. They were never far away, even when he thought he dodged them. Derek was better at hiding and followed him unnoticed. He's been missed. Where did he leave Peter, anyway?

After Stiles admitted himself into the hospital and Melissa had some time to think about it, she recalled symptoms of another patient that matched his -- Claudia Stilinski. As far as I can recall, they've never addressed what caused her death. She must have been a Kitsune, as well. We can only hope that having a pack to rally around the darkness will save him, because things don't look so good right now. 

What's interesting is that Kitashi didn't make any allowances for a Nogitsune who was possessed or not, just a Nogitsune -- to let the Oni kill it no matter who it is. That makes it sound like there is no way to come back from it once you've discovered you're that type of Kitsune.

As Stiles can reach directly into the Oni and pull out their essence (assuming that is what the fireflies represent) he seems to be a powerful dark void. It seemed like he absorbed the other two Oni directly into himself. Part of Stiles is still in there, because he can still be himself when he needs to be. It's pretty confusing (trickster!).

Mr. McCall was feeling fairly smug about his chances of ripping Sheriff Stilinski out of his position. Now that he's witnessed the supernatural (did Melissa drag him away before the wolves came out?), I wonder if he'll be more willing to listen to what people have to say. Not just the words, but the way the present evidence. A good agent should be looking for the whole picture, but he's been using his job as a vendetta against the Sheriff.

I doubt he won't pull through, although it would have been awfully traumatic for him to die just after Scott essentially declared him a sperm donor. 

They only mentioned four other types of Kitsune that Kira may be: Celestial, wild, ocean and thunder. Given her aura, I wonder if fox or fire are specific types and she's one of the two, or if foxfire is one itself. Surely they'll spill the beans and not leave us hanging.

I don't know about you, but this one deserves another viewing. If you missed any of it, you can watch Teen Wolf online here on TV Fanatic.

What did you find most interesting?

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