Liam: I think it's the flu.
Scott: It's not flu season.
Liam: Then I probably have pneumonia.
Scott: Liam, you're a werewolf. You can't get pneumonia, but what you can get is in trouble for being late to school.

Scott: Think of it like when Superman gets caught with his glasses off. You know, he doesn't give up. He puts them back on and says, "I'm still Clark Kent."
Liam: You want me to wear glasses?

Mason: Remember what Scott said. Be Clark Kent.
Liam: Clark Kent turns into a guy with a red and blue cape. I turn into a monster with claws and fangs!

Chris: What do I tell Scott?
Gerard: Tell him to run.

Chris: I'm not asking him to give up. I just want him to survive.
Melissa: I have never asked Scott to run and hide, and I'm not going to start now.

Parrish: No one has seen anything.
Noah Stilinski: Please tell me you didn't put an APB out on a faceless corpse?
Parrish: I was a little more subtle than that.

Mason: What happens next? We fight back now, right?
Scott: What did you think we were going to do? Run?

Theo: Your dead friends are dead, and they are going to stay dead no matter what you do.
Liam: [punches Theo] By the way, I'm still working on my anger.
Theo: Good to know.

Noah Stilinski: It doesn't change anything.
Scott: It does for me! They killed innocent people.
Noah Stilinski: It doesn't matter, Scott, because if you find yourself fighting a war, you're going to have to kill people, and there's no such thing as guilty or innocent. There's only the other side.

I know the sign on the door says we're closed, but you could have at least tried knocking.


You should find Scott McCall. He has a thing for taking in strays.


Deaton: I think I know what we're dealing with. It's an ancient shape shifter, a creature of disharmony. It can turn neighbor against neighbor, sewing the seeds of discord and hate. It doesn't need claws. It uses something far more sinister.
Mason: Fear.
Deaton: Yes. When paranoia turns to anger, anger turns to violence, entire communities tear themselves apart. The creature feeds off the fear and grows more powerful. It's called anuke-ite.

Teen Wolf Quotes

You're the true alpha! Guess what all of us can't be true alphas! Some of us have to make mistakes! Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes! Some of us are human!


It's OK. It's OK, it's OK. It's OK, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall.