Teen Wolf Review: Welcome Back from the Dead

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"Chaos Rising" really picked up the pace and if the season continues in this vein... wahoo!!! That doesn't mean I didn't have some gripes because you'll see a couple. How could you not? It's fun to pick on things. Let's get started!

Can we begin with how unlucky Stiles is? He actually got invited to the birthday party of a hot girl he's known since nursery school specifically to pop her cherry (and his!) and the alphas tracked him down and stole her out from under his nose. He was even all prepared with his XXL condom!

Isaac Scene

We were back on full throttle snark mode this week with the return of Peter. Sweet, back from the dead Peter. Everything he said was quote-worthy. While it would have been ridiculous to capture them all, check out the Teen Wolf quotes because there were some doozies. I remember when he first woke up and he was a bad guy. Thank goodness Lydia brought him to life; it was worth the risk!

I'm inclined to agree with the commenters from last week who didn't find the twin alphas to be particularly charming. They were even less so when it became clear they might be wooing Lydia and Danny. While it could make for both humorous moments and dramatic tension if they went on a double date, I just don't like those dudes. What an awful dating moment it would be when they would stand up and morph into  mega-alpha right in front of Lydia and Danny. Can we just not go there?

Did anybody else find it odd that Isaac felt it was necessary to take off his itty bitty shirt before getting into an ice bath but not his pants? Hello! Denim holds a lot more water than a t-shirt. Next time, strip down to your skivvies. I'm just looking out for your health buddy. No, really.

Derek really should have listened to Allison and Lydia about the logo. His thick-headedness lost them a lot of time. Since Derek was playing big baby about how they treated him in the past, Allison got to their lair long before they did.

The whole scene with Derek, Scott, Peter and Stiles planning on breaking into the bank was just plain fun - and when Stiles and Peter were left alone, I was making plans for a spin-off. Weren't they just great together?

When they finally realized Deucalion had been starving Boyd and whoever was being held with him so they would be particularly ravenous, it was too late. Derek noticed the girl who had replaced the now dead Erica (RIP!) was his once thought-dead sister Cora (or, as she'll be known in the fall on Reign, Mary, Queen of Scots). Allison came to the rescue of Derek and Scott, but set Boyd and Cora free on Beacon Hills.

I have no idea what that meant overall, but it sure set off one a hell of a scream from Lydia. Maybe she's still linked in some way with Peter and the Hale family.

To wrap up the week:

  • Realizing Erica wasn't a fan favorite, I always kind of liked her spunk. I'm going to miss her.
  • I was very happy not to suffer through a bunch of poorly manicured alphas again this week, so here's hoping that was a one time deal to try to drive some sort of unsanitary point home.
  • In "Tattoo" I thought maybe Motorcycle Girl was brought in to replace Ms. Morell in the scheme of the series, but wasn't that Bianca Lawson on the arm of Deucalion at the end of the hour? He called her Marin. We've never known the first name of Ms. Morell, so weigh in if you would. Was I seeing things?

Chaos Rising Review

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