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Um I don't know what diesel fuel you use but last time I check diesel fuel can explodes that why its use to burn down house and make bombs


use it was punctured. And that's not cool, guys.


*puts on hipster glasses*
I liked Agent Pearce before that was cool.
*takes off hipster glasses*

Seriously, though, I liked Agent Pearce back in Season 5. But snarky, beleagured bureaucrat with a gun Agent Pearce who's in on the whole Anson thing? I love this Agent Pearce. Never leave, Agent Pearce. Stay forever, please.

And major props to Maddie, who spotted a pending assault and prepared for it like a pro. And she saved Jesse's life. Maddie was such a trooper this episode.

This week's "The Burn Notice Writers are Stupid Dumbasses" moment is brought to you by Diesel Fuel. "Diesel Fuel. It's not actually explosive". Now, normally I'd care less because I've resigned myself to the fact that Burn Notice these days plays straight many of the idiotic Action Movie cliches that Michael spent so much time gleefully deconstructing in earlier seasons. But, no, not this time. They made my man Bly sound like an idiot for suggesting a diesel fuel tank would explode because it was punctured. And I like Bly, so I don't want to see him turned into an idiot.


This was a good start to the season. I love Maddy, and yes she can take care of herself.

Jim, I must have missed something. I know Maddy said that she was going somewhere to sort things out, but she will be gone for the summer? I hope not, she is great. That's too long without Maddy.

I love Fiona as well, I hope that this doesn't take too long. I know they will need to keep her in for a little while. I heard that Taryn Manning was going to play a cell mate of hers. So I guess she will be in jail for a little while. I'm glad Pearce is back, Jesse and Pearce, maybe a good match. I do want Michael to take down Anson, but I think this may go on a little longer then I hoped. Michael losing it over Fiona, did we really expect anything else. Michael is the last one who is finally realizing how much Fiona means to him. It should be a great summer?


Loved Jesse after Maddy shot the perp: you let him count down all the way to one: seriously! Micheal is not the only Westen who can kick ass WTG Maddy.


Thanks for the spoiler and ruining it for some of us.

For the show, it was excellent as alwasys. Glad it's for White Collar.........


Amazing season premiere! USA has the best shows!



TV guide did a interview with The led actor who play Michael and he let it slip


Shut up! seriously? no really? do you have a link to wherever they say this?? can Michael get a break for Pete's sakes!!


Who will be killed? Stop now if you don't want to know. SPOILER!

It's Nate. A casting call for ep 9 was for the man who killed Nate.

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