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Burn Notice Season 6

"Game Change"

Burn Notice wraps up Season 6, with the return of Jason Bly, on the second half of this two-hour finale.

"You Can Run"

This is the first part of the Burn Notice Season Finale. How will it all go down?

"Odd Man Out"

On Burn Notice, survival becomes a challenge when Michael and the team are holed up in a warehouse as he tries broker a peace among smugglers.

"Best Laid Plans"

Michael sets up a deal but Sam may get caught in the middle of a dangerous robbery on Burn Notice.

"Down & Out"

Michael tries to get himself captured in order to help an inept smuggler while Riley tries to get Madeleine to lead her to Michael on Burn Notice.

"Over the Line"

On Burn Notice, Olivia tries to use Sam to get to Michael while Michael is being accused of a crime he didn't commit at a hotel.

"Means & Ends"

A smuggler requires help on this episode of Burn Notice, while Michael teams with a, ex-enemy to deal with an even bigger foe.

"Desperate Measures"

Burn Notice is back! This is the show's opening episode of the fall of 2012.

"Desperate Times"

On Burn Notice, when the gang travels to Panama to find an assassin but he find them first.

"Official Business"

On Burn Notice, Fiona attempts to break into a CIA safe house in order to help an operative. Jesse and Sam track a sniper to a mercenary training camp.


On Burn Notice, Michael makes sure he gets arrested in order to take down a mobster. Jesse and Pearce's tactics down go according to plan.


On Burn Notice, can Michael and Fiona find the person responsible for sabotaging Michael's last mission?

"Shock Wave"

On Burn Notice, Sam is trapped in a beach house by an assasin while Michael gets closer to Anson.

"Split Decision"

On Burn Notice, Michael goes up against a gangster with help from an unlikely source. Card makes Fiona an unexpected offer.

"Under the Gun"

On Burn Notice, Sam is kidnapped and dragged through the Everglades and Fiona runs into more trouble with the other inmates.

"Last Rites"

On Burn Notice, Michael helps Pearce go after the man who killer her fiance and Fiona tries to figure out who wants her dead.

"Mixed Messages"

Michale reunites with his mentor on this episode of Burn Notice. In prison, meanwhile, Fiona leads on a new pal.

"Scorched Earth"

We open season six with Michael in pursuit of Anson. Elsewhere, Fiona is taken into custody.

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