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Final Moments
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 13
Original Air Date:

On the series finale of Burn Notice, James does everything in his power to take Michael down while Michael tries his best to earn back the trust of the people he's betrayed.

In Over His Head
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 12
"Sea Change"
Original Air Date:

Fiona, Sam, and Jesse worry that Michael is in over his head when he must reveal his true identity to James on Burn Notice.

James' Team
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 11
"Tipping Point"
Original Air Date:

Strong hires mercenaries to extract James while, Sonya and Michael are on a mission in Mexico on Burn Notice.

Time To Choose
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 10
"Things Unseen"
Original Air Date:

Michael must decide how far he's willing to go to protect his cover when an old friend puts his mission in jeopardy on Burn Notice.

Finding the Antidote
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9
"Bitter Pill"
Original Air Date:

The team searches for an antidote when a Middle Eastern diplomat is poisoned and Madeline takes action when she believes she's being followed on Burn Notice.

Deep Cover
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 8
"Nature of the Beast"
Original Air Date:

At the organizations bidding, Michael attempts to take down a drug smuggler while Fiona and Jesse visit a mental institution on Burn Notice.

The Downward Spiral
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 7
"Psychological Warfare"
Original Air Date:

Michael is drugged by the organization he's trying to take down and the information he leaks could put everyone at risk on Burn Notice.

Back Together Again
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 6
"All or Nothing"
Original Air Date:

Michael and Fiona wrestle with their feelings when they are forced to work together on Burn Notice.

Problems in Cuba
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 5
"Exit Plan"
Original Air Date:

Strong attempts to convince Fiona to help Michael who is working with a Russian operative to get out of Cuba on Burn Notice.

Escape From Cuba
Watch Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 4
"Brothers in Arms"
Original Air Date:

Michael is tasked with helping a Russian prisoner escape from Cuba on Burn Notice.

Burn Notice Quotes

Move over, you are on my C4.


Michael: Uh, Detective, I spoke with some officers at the station recently and I think we cleared up all the questions they had.
Paxson: Well, I have different questions. They're about a traffic incident. Three cars blown up, three more totaled. Apparently, we have a one-man wrecking crew on our hands.
Fiona: How can you be so sure it's a man?
Paxson: I'm as progressive as the next gal, Ms. Glenanne, but someone matching Mr. Westen's description was spotted driving away from the scene.
Michael: White male, dark hair, athletically built? I hope your department pays overtime because you're gonna be searching for a few hundred thousand suspects.

Burn Notice Music

  Song Artist
Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
Song CMP5131 Out Of Range Noizy Ninja