Hawaii Five-0 Review: Return of The Bromance

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"Kupale:" Defender.

After the departure of Lori last week, fans got reminded here of what Danny and Steve do best: The Bromance!

There were more bromantic banter in this episode than there has been this entire season. Starting from the first moment when Steve came home; to the numerous car scenes; all the way to discussing Gaby and Grace at the restaurant; there was almost too much, if that's even possible.

'Speaking of Steve coming home, why do they insist on making Danny a bad house guest? I’m pretty sure Danny would never have put a dog in Steve’s room. At most Steve was only gone for two weeks for his yearly reserve duty; is it even possible for Danny to trash Steve's house that much in that time period if he had tried even a little to keep it clean? 

My wife pointed out that in all the places they have shown Danny stay on his own, he has never been a slob, yet this week Steve walked into a kitchen fire, clothes were everywhere and a dog was in his bed. Really??? 

On a Reservation

That frustrating mystery aside, the rest of the episode between Danny and Steve was great. We haven’t gotten this much bonding time since last season. I especially enjoyed Danny checking with everyone to make sure they were coming to dinner. While I suspected this was a setup for Gaby to meet Grace, it was still very sweet the way they were out making a butterfly in the sand. 

Sadly, my enjoyment ended with the bromance. First, the case was clichéd - how many times have we seen the "business partner killed the victim over making more money" story? (Okay, it being a boat business was new.) Second, they again used a well-known actor to play the murderer. This time, they got Patrick Fabian to play Tony, the business partner. Fabian plays a jerk so often that the moment they showed him on screen, both my wife and I tagged him as the culprit. 

Then, you had the well-publicized guest appearance of Apolo Ohno. While I’m thrilled they finally had someone who was Hawaiian to guest star on the show, he barely rated five minutes of screen time. That’s barely longer than the commercial that mentioned him. I thought we were past the over-hyped-under-used guest stars bit. 

Lastly, we had our "chase of the week" in the form of Kevin Creed on a motorcycle with the “running out of road towards water” trope. Have I mention there were clichés in this episode? With the incredible setting of Hawaii, you would think they could find a better ending to a chase than bumping the motorcycle off the dock into the water. 

In conclusion, for all of us that have been missing the bromance, I’m thrilled they gave us a super-sized "catch up" dose this week. My only request is that it get tempered with some original story ideas too? I promise we won’t jump ship if you break out of the mold. Just look at how much we loved last week!


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Thank you for finally eliminating the additional 2 cast members that were added this season. I hope all thse who stopped watching the show will now return when they hear that the original "core 4" stars are back in full force. Please don't mess with a good thing again. These guys are great together...let us enjoy them.


So after taking many hours away from this site I thought I would tell you guys that you were right and you win it was a great episode,everything was awesome the carguments,the bromance,Gabby and Grace,the ending scene,of Ohuna the oneness of the team(Core Four)and Book em with a towel,: priceless! The feel,rythem and soul of season 1 was there and the writing was back, but I can't help but feel that if they had provided Lori with better writing,character development,story direction without interfering or interupting the chemistry they could have made everyone happy,they had such great potential,if she does come back they must do those elements or not all! Sorry this is so long, but I was trying to find the right words to say,love ya all. Long live Hawaii Five-o


me gusto este capitulo por que me recordó la primera temporada los cuatro como OHANA como siempre debió ser sin Lori, ademas que su conexión con Steve era taaaan falsa,(en serio me cargan los capítulos donde aparece) pero fui fiel a la serie porque estaban mis cuatro favoritos!!!


@mark..actually that was discussed and I thought he did a great job. Some others said the same thing earlier in the posts.


Kind of shocked nobody noted Shane Victorino (native Hawaiian) had a guest spot at the opening of the episode. I know from reading on here a common complaint is not enough natives, especially during the Lori episodes.


A handful of internet fans made CBS remove Lauren German from the show?


@Kelly: Many people stopped watching the show live so they could fast forward through the cringe scenes. Other tried to stay with the show hoping that the Lori character would be gone. I believe that starting with Episode 13...supposedly Lori's last episode some people lost hope. If you look at the ratings there was a definite downward trend.
2.13 2.9 in demo and 11.9M viewers
2.14 2.8 in demo and 10.73M viewers
2.15 2.7 in demo and 9.97M viewers
2.16 2.7 in demo and 9.70M viewers
That trend reversed with 2.17 since the final numbers are out and H5O was adjusted up to 2.9 in demo and 10.4M viewers. The overwhelming reaction to 2.17 on every site...is proof positive that the loyal fan base is a H5O fanbase and not a "just Lori" fanbase. I don't think she contributed anything to the show and the focus on her detracted from the work of the others...particularly Alex.


An average of 10 million viewers have been tuning in this season so that to me confirms that they have been pretty happy with what the season has offered so far. If casual fans don't like what they are watching they'll just change the channel and watch something else. They're not going to keep watching in the hope that the show might change and give them what they want. A handful of passionate internet fans are just a drop in the ocean and really don't have any impact on the overall ratings. If the season so far was half as bad as some say, then the ratings would have already plummetted. There is probably a myriad of reasons why fans watch and what some fans consider their favourite thing about the show, others could consider it the worst.


@Kelly..I continued to tune in because I love the show, but it was affected by adding a fifth member. You may not think that but alot of us do. That does not mean that we are gonna turn the show off, it just means we patiently waited for it to be fixed. That makes us loyal fans who did not want the show's ratings to suffer because of one temporary character.


The ratings normally reflect the previous episode. 2.16 was one of the best episodes of the season so the next episode tends to get good numbers. The ratings have remained steady for the entire season and are up on the latter part of last season and this wouldnt be the case if the show was as lacking as some fandom viewers seem to think. Most casual viewers will not have been bothered by Lori or by Joe or Jenna or any lack of bromance. They continue to tune in because overall the show is well done and entertaining and the characters appealing, and the show has offered that all season.

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Steve: Time travel doesn't exist.
Max: On the contrary, there are several theories....
Danny: With all due respect. For argument sake, let's say this man didn't own a Delorian and is from the 21st century.

Danny: You ruined my frittata.
Steve: I put it out of its misery.