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Based on the novel and 1979 movie of the same name "Time After Time" follows the adventures of famed science fiction writer H.G. Wells as he pursues one of history's most well-known serial killers, Jack the Ripper. Using a time machine, the two travel from the late 19th century to end up in modern day Manhattan.

Once he arrives in New York, H.G. finds himself in awe of a world he never believed possible, but it's not only the advancements of the age that catch his eye... the young and beautiful Jane Walker also captivates him.

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The man you judge - the man the whole world has put on trial in absentia - the selfish, vile prat. The Ripper. You know him so well yet beg to know why, why, WHY? He's lived a dark and dishonorable life. He's done despicable things. But that does not preclude the possibility of good, does it? My boy, my boy! Congratulations, you are the proof, the one good thing he might ever do, the punctuation of a remarkable, misunderstood life.


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