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Did H.G. manage to catch up with John?

That was a key question on Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 when H.G. got word from a reliable source that John took the time machine to 1918 in Paris with the hopes of murdering some more women. 

Determined to stop his enemy, H.G. tried to find a way to get closer to John to thwart his plan and stop him from altering the fabric of time. 

Use the video above to watch Time After Time online to get caught up on the latest drama. 

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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The past several months have been particularly bloody... but still, the mind finds ways through it.

Henry Ayers

Wells: At the risk of sounding...
Jane: ... like a sexist pig?
Wells: I have yet to oink so I fail to understand the pig reference