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As a big illegal job looms on the horizon, the FBI catches Harlee in the act and pits her against her own unit. As a newly turned informant, Harlee struggles to safeguard her on-the-job family and avoid arrest in order to stay with her daughter. Harlee engages in a perilous dance with her FBI handler, Special Agent Stahl (Warren Kole), who develops an unhealthy obsession with her. Meanwhile, Wozniak, acting as the unit's patriarch, begins an all-consuming hunt for the informant. Pressure mounts as the crew struggles to perform their brand of street justice under FBI watch.

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That's the beautiful thing about pain, Harlee, it's either severe or prolonged, never both.


Wozniak: When an angel first visits a human, you know what they say? “Be not afraid.” Why do you think they say that?
Rossi: Because when people are scared they scream and nobody likes screaming.
Wozniak: Must be an occupational hazard for you.
Rossi: It means I didn't do my job effectively.
Wozniak: Reason why angels say, be not afraid, is because they're terrifying. They're not the cute little things you see on greeting cards.
Rossi: Come on. Don't ruin Hallmark.
Wozniak: They're powerful creatures who dole out judgement and enforce the will of God.